‘Liberia is Grateful to Nation’s Genuine Investors’


Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, has assured the nation’s genuine investors that Liberians are very grateful for their socio-economic contributions to the development, growth and progress of the country.

VP Boakai made the assertion Friday at the launch of the Liberia Coca-Cola Bottling Company’s (LCCBC) Cultural Leadership Campaign held at the Monrovia City Hall in Sinkor.

Vice President Boakai described Coca-Cola/LCCBC as a true partner in progress that has made significant contributions to the overall development and progress of the country.

He added that even during the height of the Ebola spread and after the crisis, LCCBC/Coca- Cola Company demonstrated consolidated partnership to all Liberians, irrespective of political, social and economic backgrounds.

He recalled that in 2006 the management of the LCCBC/Coca-Cola was in Voinjama, Lofa, Gbarnga and Bong Counties and other strategic areas.

The Liberian Vice President further pointed out that during the administration of LCCBC’s predecessor Rockefeller Findley, the management distributed a number of umbrellas to several small and retail customers in the country.

VP Boakai also indicated that the LCCBC is not only interested in the promotion of its brand products on the Liberian market, but has worked with the Liberian government to ensure genuine development.

“Keep all rules, keep safe and follow all the health measures during these crucial period of the post Ebola virus challenges and economic constraints,” VP Boakai admonished.

In addition, VP Boakai assured the management of LCCBC and other investors in the country of the Liberian government’s support, protection and an enabling business environment.

In closing, VP Boakai urged the Coca-Cola/LCCBC to ensure that the entity’s initiatives help in the creation of jobs for Liberians and other professionals in the country.

In his statement, Mr. Philippe Ayivor, LCCBC Country Manager intimated that the entity believes in the indomitable spirit of Liberians across the country.

Ayivor described Liberians as having an inner strength and as far as Coca-Cola is concerned, Liberia is an unconquerable nation despite enormous challenges.

“You have overcome all your insurmountable challenges and constraints during some of your critical and difficult times,” Mr. Ayivor asserted.

Executive Ayivor also pointed out that this is the kind of spirit LCCBC/Coca has seen in Liberia and that is the reason the occasion has been planned to celebrate, honor and send a message from horror to genuine hope.

He disclosed that Coke was founded in 1886 and Liberia was founded as a Republic in 1847, thus making Liberia far older than Coca-Cola.

Manager Ayivor said the Coca-Cola Company was established in Liberia in 1949; hence the entity has been with Liberia for a long time.

He also indicated that during the height of the civil crisis, the economic fortune of Liberia turned negatively and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Liberia declined ninety percent.

During the deadly Ebola virus crisis, Mr. Ayivor recounted that LCCBC/Coca-Cola distributed medical equipment, water, drugs and other critical materials to help save the lives of many Liberians.

He also disclosed the cost associated with the procurement of the medical supplies, and other sanitation materials in the neighborhood of US$500,000.

“We believe that the sun is rising again for Liberia and LCCBC/Coca-Cola is taking the message on the road through the country in order to bring hope to our people and refresh and introduce our products,” Mr. Ayivor emphasized.

Earlier during the welcome remarks, Country Manager Seth Adu-Baah recounted the many contributions of the entity and pledged to support the Liberian government and people in its enormous post Ebola challenges.

During the launch of the Cultural Leadership Campaign, Madam Kyndy Kabbah was designated by the management to serve as the brand ambassador in Liberia.

Madam Kabbah, spent 23 days in an Ebola Treatment Unit after contracting the disease and by the grace of God and medical doctors, got cured.

In response, Madam Kabbah accepted the honor and pledged to work with the LCCBC in its Ebola awareness and brand exposure initiatives in the country.


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