-Possibly the largest Insurance gathering in years

ACTIVA-Liberia will play host to a two-day Board Meeting of ACTIVA’s continental body with the aim of reviewing the group’s performance, as well as charting a way forward for the company in terms of its immediate and long-term investments. The meeting will take place at the company’s local headquarters on April 18 and 19.

Activa International Insurance is a member of the Activa Assurance Group, a Pan-African insurance group of companies and the originator of the Globus Insurance Network, which was incorporated in 2007 in Cameroon.

Gracing the meeting, which also expects officials from ACTIVA’s operations in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon and others, is the Group’s Board Chairman Richard Lowe. Participants, who are expected to total 20 in number, started arriving in Liberia yesterday, Monday, April 17. Richard Lowe is the founder of Activa, one of the most dynamic groups in the African insurance sector.

ACTIVA-Liberia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Atty. Saye Gbalazeh, in an exclusive interview over the weekend, said it is always a privilege to host meetings of the ACTIVA Group “as there are so many benefits that come with hosting such meetings.”

“One is the economic benefits is that the hotels will be occupied,” Atty. Gbalazeh said, adding that although the meeting is meant to satisfy the statutory obligations of the company, it will also assess the performance of the group for the past year.

“This meeting, which I consider the biggest insurance gathering for years in the country, will look at what we have been doing here and how we can improve on that,” he noted.

Also to be discussed during the meeting, according to the ACTIVA boss, is the construction of a multi-million dollar company headquarters in Liberia. “Building a permanent structure for our operations will prove to Liberians that we are not here to grab and go, but to be a partner in the country’s development,” he added.

A Pan-African Insurer, Activa was just one of the many average insurance companies in the country that operated from a two-room office when Atty. Gbalazeh took over.

Speaking about his successes so far in his relatively short tenure at the helm of the company, he said it has all been as a result of his leadership style. Atty. Gbalazeh sees leadership from several perspectives because he believes that an effective leader must have the authority to lead the people and should serve by example.

He said one should not always put money ahead of service. “As a leader your priority should not always be money. If you do your core values well, benefits will follow,” he said. “My focus is not the competition, but how to set Activa apart from other insurers in this country.”

The company is also investing in human capital. “Since my arrival, I have scouted for the smartest and most talented guys in the industry,” he told the Observer a few months ago, adding that Activa has a future in Liberia. “We want to change the perception about the industry in this country.”

A six-month pilot project intended to empower rural women who were greatly affected by the deadly Ebola virus disease was sponsored by ACTIVA last year in the western region of the country.

The project, styled “women in sustainable enterprise,” was implemented by the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA – Liberia) with funding from the ACTIVA Group Foundation, a non-profit arm of ACTIVA International Insurance Company.

Atty. Gbalazeh said he anticipates the establishment of the Activa University Students Club, where insurance education and technical training will be available.


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