LIBA President Extols US Embassy

Kemayah (left) commending US .jpg

The President of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), Dee Maxwell Kemayah has lauded the United States Embassy near Monrovia and Ambassador Deborah Malac for initiating programs to showcase Liberian small business entrepreneurs in the Arts & Crafts Industry.

In his remarks at the 2015 Holiday Arts & Crafts fair on December 5, Mr. Kemayah said that with the help of the US Embassy, small indigenous businesses in the Arts & Crafts industry are able to grow to attract buyers.

He said “One critical thing in business is marketing, and the fact that the US Embassy can help the struggling small Liberian businesses to expose their products to buyers is development we are under obligation to laud the US Government for.”

He commended Ambassador Malac in a special way for her role in encouraging Liberian owned businesses to invest in their own country to enhance development.

Mr. Kemayah said Ambassador Malac on many occasions attended to LIBA’s invitations and pleaded with the Liberian government to prioritize private sector investment.

“Madam Ambassador, we understand you are leaving the country very soon. We highly commend you for your role in the Liberia Business Association, and we pray that God be with you. We at the Liberia Business Association can boldly say that you did excellently well in your stay here,” Mr. Kemayah said.

He then suggested to the business community and the government that Liberian businesses should learn to organize a national trade fair where all businesses, including those in the Arts & Crafts industry, will showcase their products.

In a brief remark, Ambassador Malac gave a historical synopsis of the fair that has been held for the last six years and done twice a year.

She recalled that the fair could not be held in 2014 because of the Ebola virus disease.

She said the Arts & Crafts Fair is especially organized so that Liberian vendors will learn from one another in developing quality control and marketing strategies.

Furthermore, it is meant to display Liberia’s cultural heritage and traditional style, and to compare and differentiate Liberian artifacts from those of other African countries.

The representative of Vendor Association and proprietor of Resurrection Bags, Florence Smith, also commended the US Embassy for assisting them to have a fair where they can showcase their products.

“So far this fair is the only time I can have the largest sale in my business. We thank the embassy for organizing and we hope, Madam Ambassador as you leave, the next person will do the same to help us sell our goods,” Mrs. Smith said.


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