LIB Millionaire Announces First Big Winner


The LIB Millionaire scratch-and-win money game, the latest of its kind in Liberia, on June 17 announced its first high-stakes winner, Tamba Hallie, who walked away with a hefty L$250,000 check in his name.

Mr. Hallie could not hold back his excitement as he received the large symbolic check from the management of LIB Millionaire. After spending more than L$5,000 over time and evetually winning an equivalent of US$100, on June 16 he purchased L$2,500 worth of tickets and discovered among them the big one, the prize of L$250,000.

A Liberian small business owner, Hallie sells assorted clothing items such as lappas, slippers and “DK” lingerie. He said, however, that his business had taken a major downturn as a result of the Ebola crisis in Liberia and didn’t seem to have any hope. Now and then, he would try his luck at the LIB Millionaire game and sometimes win (or lose) small amounts of money.

“I was already stranded and needed to do a bigger business. Although I am a business man, I wanted to advance.” When asked what he would do with his newly won purse, he said, “What I have to spend on friends now is only L$ 1,500 and the rest will be used to put into my business.”

He also disclosed that he intends to continue playing the game in hopes of winning the highest prize, which is L$1 million. Excited over his good luck, he believes the game is something could provide opportunities “for young people who have no hope of lifting themselves from poverty.”

LIB Millionaire is a joint venture launched in May 2015 by Liberian and an Israeli partners, whose names remain undisclosed.

The game is a kind of “lucky scratch” lottery now available at various entertainment centers in Monrovia and is sold by vendors on mobile booths, powered by blue motor-tricycles. A disclaimer on the back of the scratch-ticket prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from participating.

The Marketing Manager of the company, Miss Vivian Cooper Waylee said the company will continue to demonstrate its commitment and seek the interest of its customers.

“My brothers,” she said, “let me say that because of the good services we render to customers in the country, makes them to always win huge money from the company and I urge everybody to play this game.”


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