Monrovia African Pop-up Shop Announces Holiday Edition

Monrovia pop-up shop 2016.

Wilhelmina Cooper, the brains behind the “Monrovia African Pop-Up” said the platform was established to bring creative entrepreneurs, investors, and patrons together in a unique and interactive space for networking and spurring collaboration.

Madam Cooper added that most important is to convert customers into long-term clientele based on a product’s ingenuity, quality, and personalization.

She said the mission is to achieve large scale, systemic and sustainable social change through a new invention of buying and selling.

“We are moving away from the traditional ideology of making business. We are encouraging and promoting constant networking in unique and personal spaces. We want to build a strong interpersonal relationship between our vendors and their consumers.

“We are redefining products and services, and striving to optimize the financial value of our vendors’ products and service,” she said. “We are promoting and encouraging a different and unconventional approach towards business.”

The Monrovia African Pop-Shop is a social entrepreneurship platform that promotes enterprise development at the national level to highlight and advance creators and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to improve and sustain their social and economic welfare.

“Looking to the future, our vision for MAPS is that it will be a platform for creators, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and any SME to gain patronage and bigger opportunities for their brands; which is the fundamental goal for the establishment of MAPS. We also hope to expand, adding showings in other counties and – in coordination with Liberian embassies – in the Diaspora,” Madam Cooper said.

Meanwhile, the Monrovia African Pop-Up founder has identified a select community of social entrepreneurs, including artists, designers, entrepreneurs, textile workers, country cloth weavers, local NGOs and any interested small business to engage them to shape their economic standing.

The holiday season edition of the Monrovia African Pop-Up Shop will be held on December 16, at Golden Beach from Noon to 6 p.m. For details, folks are asked contact “Monrovia African Pop-Up Shop” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; or call 0886660777.


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