Foreign Ward Sold 500 Copies of Debut Album

Foreign Ward

Foreign Ward is not that popular yet, but his proven entrepreneurial spirit has set him apart from many top rated Liberian musicians.

And since the release of his highly-anticipated ‘Broken English’ album, which sold 500 copies at US$10, Ward is still clearly counting on his entrepreneurial knowledge about the music business – a knowledge most Liberian artist don’t have.

“Broken English,” which was, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ward, was sold through a simple music email marketing strategy that encouraged fans to buy his work.

“I came up with a plan to distribute my album in a way that I will keep 100% of my sales. The plan was to sell 500 hard copies of my album without distributing it digitally. I created a lot of buzz around the album by emailing my fans daily encouraging them to buy the album, which came with a gift,” he said.

In addition to the email marketing strategy, Ward developed a specific mobile app that allows fans to get the album digitally, but they have to first purchase a hard copy of the album to get the mobile app. “Inside each copy of the album, there’s a link to download the app.

“Every copy of the album has a different link and the link expires after you visit it once. The reason I went that route was because digital distributors like TUNCORE, Cd Baby and the rest usually take a percentage of album and song sales.

“I felt like I worked too hard on my album and did everything myself to allow anyone to benefit off my hard work. So I decided to sell the first 500 hard copies before releasing it digitally, so that way how I was able to recover the money I put into the project,” said Foreign Ward.

Ward’s plan worked out perfectly as he was able to sell a large amount of CDs, which he also did at every show on his album release tour.

“I decided to sell the album because I felt like it was time to start marketing myself in a way people will respect and appreciate what I do. Since I started recording in 2008, every song or mixtape that I put out was always free. I did that because it was my strategy to build a following fast,” he said, adding, “My strategy worked, so now that I have a nice bit of following, I think it’s time that I start benefiting off my talent and what I put money into.”

“Broken English” album is 100% Afro-beat.



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