‘LEC Increasing Efforts to Extend Services to Communities,’ Vamunya Sheriff

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An executive of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) says the entity is making frantic efforts to extend services to various communities.

LEC’s Executive Director for Administration and Human Resource, Vamunya Sheriff, said government attaches high priority to the provision of electricity in Liberia as a way of boosting the economy.

Mr. Sheriff said the provision of electricity enables various communities to engage in small scale businesses and attract capital investments in the country that provide employment opportunities, as well as help the manufacturing and other productive sectors of the economy.

Mr. Sheriff was speaking on Saturday in Paynesville, where the LEC was honored by the Vokar Mission Community to show appreciation for the extension of electricity services to the community.

He thanked the Vokar Mission Community for honoring LEC, which he said was the first to recognize the efforts of the company. He said the LEC was simply performing its social responsibility as it has done in many other communities.

He praised LEC technicians: Abu Sanso, Generation Manager; Thomas Gonkerwon, Transmission and Distribution Consultant; Curtis Lavallee, Senior Generation Manager in charge of Power Theft and the team from Planning Department.

He highlighted the productive use of electricity for the community and called on citizens of the area to set up a community watch team to deter power theft, which according to him accounts for 20 percent of the revenue losses to the company.

His statement was buttressed by District Number five Representative, Thomas Fallah, who called on his citizens not to engage in power theft but rather follow the proper procedure for applying for electricity supply.


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