Labor Minister Wants Companies Adhere to CBA


 The Minister of Labor Neto Zarzar Lighe has called on concession companies operating in the country to straightly adhere to the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) that would be signed between both the companies and the workers union to avoid labor unrest.

The Labor Minister made the statement on Monday when he appeared on the ELBC “Super Morning Talk Show.”

According to him, where management stalls the implementation of a CBA, workers would resort to strike actions as a way to seek redress from relevant authorities of government.

He explained that the CBA serves as a process of negotiation between employers and the employees with the aim to reach an agreement that would regulate mutual working environments.

 He added that the interests of the employees are normally presented to management by representatives of a respective trade unions.

 “It is through those negotiations that are reached by trade union representatives that set out the basis of wage scales, working hours as well as overtime benefits, etc.”

 However, Minister Lighe said that CBA functions as a labor contract between an employer and one or more unions that both parties would adhere to in the case of disagreement arising from the job.

 He then reminded managements of the various companies and business owners of the prudency to share whatever information with the ministry on time if for any reason they are unable to fully implement agreements.

He assured the general public, as well as concession companies and business houses that the ministry would continue to do all with its mandates handle labor-related issues with expediency; taking into account the interest of both the workforce and management.

 Meanwhile Minister Lighe is exerting all efforts to resolve a situation between aggrieved workers of the China Union and the management in Bong Mines, Bong County.
 Recently Liberian workers at the China-Union staged a protest for alleged abuse and bad labor practices by the management.

The protestors carried placards calling on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and members of the National Legislature to promptly intervene to resolve the impasse.


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