Kimmie Weeks Resigns From Cellcom


The man who has held the position as Cellcom’s Corporate Communications Strategist for the last four years, Dr. Kimmie L. Weeks, has formally tendered his resignation citing a desire to “pursue other paths” after accomplishing what he termed his “previously thought to be impossible major goals and deliverables,” a press release from Cellcom GSM said yesterday.

In a recent post on social media, Dr. Weeks asserted: “After over four years serving as Cellcom’s Corporate Communications Strategist, I have tendered my resignation to allow me to focus on new opportunities and give others the chance to fill this critical role. I came to Cellcom with a set of goals and now that those goals have been accomplished, I believe that it is best to leave on a high and positive note. I salute all of those who I’ve worked with throughout this incredible journey and I look forward to the future ahead.”

In a country where voluntary, high profile resignations are rare, Dr. Week’s resignation is turning many heads, but also generating sentiments appreciation for the role he played at Cellcom. As of press time, hundreds of individuals on Facebook were commending Dr. Weeks for the important role he played with Cellcom. Dr. Weeks was invited to join the Cellcom team in early 2011 as its Corporate Communications Strategist and was tasked to fill a position created and customized for him.

As Cellcom’s Corporate Communications Strategist, Dr. Weeks was tasked with working behind the scenes to create new and innovative ways to maximize the exposure of the company as well as its products and services.

He also became the official face of Cellcom, leading the company’s major press conferences as well as unveiling new products and services including Cellcom’s widely popular 3 days free calls, Cellcom’s 4G network, and Cellcom’s recently launched 4G LTE network. He was also at the forefront of Cellcom’s memorable corporate communications initiatives including unveiling several of Cellcom’s CSR initiatives related to health, education, culture and sports.

When quizzed if this was the end of his involvement with Liberia’s telecommunications sector, Weeks responded: “Well, I consider this an early retirement from the telecommunications industry, but nobody knows the future.”


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