Kemayah Quits LIBA


Dee-Maxwell Kemayah has resigned president of the Liberia Business Association, according to credible sources.

Before his resignation, tendered on January 6, Kemayah called an executive meeting of LIBA and informed the members of his decision which, he said, was reached with the consent of his family.

Kemayah, who voluntarily relinquished his position, stated that a few days after his resignation he would inform the public about his next move. However, up to now, he has not made any disclosure.

As part of LIBA’s administrative requirements, Kemayah promised to formally turn over all LIBA assets in his possession to the Association.

Meanwhile several members of the association, including Vice President David Sembeh, welcomed Mr. Kemayah’s decision, though he said it came as a surprise. Sembeh is currently acting as President of the association. The coordinator of LIBA Nimba County Chapter, Prince Howard, according to information, also lauded the bold step taken by Mr. Kemayah, but did not give further details.

Under Kemayah’s leadership, LIBA gained support from the then Central Bank Governor, Dr. J. Mills Jones, a situation that subsequently led the organization’s leadership and some members to champion the cause
of Dr. Jones’ political party, the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE). Kemayah eventually became chairman of the party, a position he still holds.

As Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. Jones established a loan scheme to “empower Liberian businesses” to the tune of several million US dollars, through the commercial banks. LIBA, under Kemayah, was the gatekeeper, as those receiving loans under the arrangement had to be members of the Association.

Jones earned much praise among the masses for the loan scheme, but raised the ire of many in the Executive and Legislative branches of government who felt that the Governor was using the CBL’s money to further his political ambition. Pundits predicted that he was using the economic empowerment mantra as a platform from which to launch a potential political campaign for the Liberian presidency. At the end of his CBL tenure, Dr. Jones did become the MOVEE party standard bearer, with his eyes on the presidency, and Kemayah ascended to the chairmanship of the party.

As head of LIBA, Kemayah was accused of driving the association into politics, an accusation that he vehemently denied; saying that LIBA’s support of Dr. Jones was due to the former Central Bank Governor’s foresight to lift Liberian businesses out of financial exclusion in their own country.


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