K3 Telecom Launches Triple-play Services


K3 Telecom, a Swiss based company, which has become the latest entrant in the Liberia’s telecommunication sector and promising internet service at nearly ten times the speed for a fraction of the prevailing monthly cost; yesterday officially launched its triple-play communications services in the country.

K3 Telecom is the global provider of a patented technology known as Triple Play, which delivers a trifecta of incredibly high-speed internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony and quality television content, all on the same line.

Essentially, browsing, phone calls and television are all provided simultaneously over the internet.

Ernest Boakai, Group Chief Executive Officer of K3 Telecom Liberia incorporated: believes that “the launch of the first triple-play services in Liberia will bring great benefit to the people and the country, bringing one step closer to achieve its future goals.”

“We are very glad that with the help of the Government we succeeded to bring new services and introduced the first ‘wireless’ cable in the air broadband network in the country.

“This will create substantial growth in the country and satisfy the raising demand by the Liberian people, investors, SME’s and government for need of high-speed internet and reliable internet services in the country,” he said.

Mr. Boakai explained that K3 Telecom will also afford students the opportunity to study online and do research without the internet being a barrier. Moreover, “We are fiber in the air and will change lives, raise employment and revenue for the government,” Boakai added.

The company, he disclosed, has spent approximately US$5 million so far and as they progress they intend to invest more capital. According to him, with the Triple Play packages (Supersonic internet, digital TV, IP telephony) customers can pay approximately US$88 monthly.

Uros Mlakar, one of K3 investment partners, said with the implementation of the K3 Air Lastmile solution technology in Liberia, “we aim to offer its citizens the easy and modern access to broadband network services thus helping Liberia to speed up its boosting economy and achieve its future goals.”

Cutting the ribbon and declaring the company officially open in Liberia, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai lauded the company and its staff for bringing to the country one of the latest ISPs (Internet Service Provider).

VP Boakai said the coming of the ISP to Liberia will help solve the internet barriers that Liberians are going through and most of our investment partners always told us that the country is a gateway to investment. He told K3 Telecom officials that the government will ensure that the company is fully protected, investment-wise.

Located at the corner of Broad and Lynch streets, the K3 office stands out in a purple container structure just opposite Libtelco on the front and just adjacent the Sports Commission.

The ceremony was attended by many renowned Liberian business people and government officials.


  1. I want to first of all, commend the officials of k3 telecom for their hard work to ensure that the Liberian people reached this level of modernity. I hope there would be opportunities for Liberian youth to learn about this ISP and work with the company.

  2. hello, what is the area of K3 Telecom Liberia operations, i means what is the stopping point, is K3 cover the entire country? what is the means of getting some operational system to their home out of capital city (Monrovia)



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