Liberia Needs to Seek Indian Investment



Indian diplomat V. B. Soni Wednesday, December 11, urged the Government of Liberia to emulate the good examples of other African countries that are currently benefiting from his country’s investment.

 Ambassador Soni said that those benefiting countries were receiving   millions of United States Dollars in foreign investment from his country.

Interestingly, the former Ambassador was quick to point out that they were thinking of investing in the transport sector, sugar cane industries amongst others in Liberia.

He did not say when their investment will take place but also added that they were also looking at investment in energy, agriculture and infrastructure.

“Since independence, India with all its resources, was unable to feed itself but its success story began with a revolution that made the nation to produce its own food and secure food security,” Ambassador Soni indicated when he and his business delegation held a close-door meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Receiving the Indian delegations on behalf of Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Integration, Mr. Elias Shonoyin, told the team that Liberia has rich and virgin resources for agriculture purposes, noting that it lacks technical and technological know-hows to attract mechanized farming to boost its economy.

The Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister said that Liberia has an excellent economic environment for investment but needs robust energy and power supply to attract investors to the country.

He added that Liberia was opened to any foreign investors, who may want to invest there.

He acknowledges that Liberia and India are working to expand cooperation which is aimed at enhancing Indian investment in the country.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Soni is also the former Indian Ambassador to Ukraine, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Haiti, Georgia, Guinea Bissau, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde and Armenia.

Currently he is the chairman of the Oversees Infrastructure Alliance based in India. 


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