Located in Buchanan City, about a two-hour drive from the nation’s capital, Monrovia, Elizabeth Village and Resort is a luxurious place that offers the perfect leisure we all desire.

The village, sitting on a peninsula perched atop the Benson River, is the first resort in Liberia built from mud, and are designed in the oval or rondavel style.

Each chalet of the 21-bedroom complex is decorated with plush tree beds, handcrafted map of Liberia desks, custom made rag rugs from African printed fabrics for a rustic chic feeling.  And the floor tiles are made from chips made from trees.

The bathrooms of the village resemble caves with rock walls and woodwork and patios boasting oversized rattan and bitterroot chairs with thick comfortable cushions.

Also, the outdoor of the resort is an ideal spot for relaxation-which features a map of Liberia shaped pool with built in bar stools, a waterfall and sculpted elephant that shoots water out of its trunk.

The bar built by craftsman Chris Weah is constructed reminiscent of a log cabin, and on the deck is a sunken in living room with water flooring and a large deck that sits above the river.   The village offers canoe rides to clients who would love fishing on the Benson River.

Hesta Baker, founder and CEO of Elizabeth Village and Resort

The village is built and solely owned by Liberian entrepreneur Hesta Baker, who said the idea behind the village, nicknamed ‘luxury meets culture,’ is to promote Liberia’s culture.

“When I was building the village, I decided it should be different from other resorts in the country. I wanted to do something different, that’s why I chose to build the village with mud to showcase the beauty of Liberia culture,” she said. “The luxury parts of the village are the pool, bar and other facilities…I’m proud of what have been accomplished.”

The Village is the first of four phases of the project, with the remaining three phases to be completed over the next 2 years.

Built on five acres of land, Madam Baker has planted a variety of fruits and trees including pawpaw, mangoes, avocado, sour-sop, lemongrass, and much more.

“Our goal is to provide a place where people can escape for fresh foods while enjoying nature to fulfill the principles of simplistic living and close contact to the earth,” she said.

Hesta Baker noted that the realization of this vision is a legacy to her great grandmother, Elizabeth Moore Johnson, after who the resort is named.

Born in the late eighteen hundreds, Johnson lived over 90 of her 97 years in Buchanan, Grand Bassa.

“She was strong, beautiful and regal and that has been a source of my strength and inspiration,” said Baker. “Her love for Buchanan provided the passion for the project.”

The grand opening ceremony for Elizabeth Village and Resort is scheduled for Saturday, December 16, and will feature the Liberian National Cultural Troupe, the Harmonizers band with vocalist James Coco Chea, Bassa musicians Choko Barchue and Bayo Nyebeh, a pool side fashion show by designer Chris Collins, canoeing and much more.


  1. Very much proud of you Ms Baker…! I hope more of us will start engaging in these sorts of development. Again, congratulations and I hope to stay at one of your resorts when in the country.

  2. Thanks Ms. Baker, way to go, we need more Liberians to copy you; God willing, I hope to visit this site when I return to my homeland. God bless.

  3. Well done Ms. Baker for your creativity and entrepreneur spirit in playing a vital role in helping to stimulate Liberia’s economic development. This resort is not only to make profit. It will attract tourists to Liberia if marketed and maintained properly. Elizabeth Village & Resort is an Eco-friendly place away from the hustling and bustling city of Monrovia. It will help in providing direct and indirect jobs for unemployed Liberians living in that part of the country.

    While our government depends on foreign aid, some Liberian entrepreneurs like Ms. Baker, the Modads, and others, have come to the realization that foreign aid is not a sustainable way of producing viable economic development in Liberia.

    Liberian lawmakers and other government elites, who are paid exorbitant salaries when many Liberians are unemployed, when ordinary Liberians live on a dollar a day, are flying around the world to seek top-notched medical treatment: while our medical facilities lie in ruin. Many of these government officials spent tax-payers money on non-essential foreign trips only to boost economic development of these foreign countries.

    While our globe-trekking government officials invest money in these foreign countries economy, it never occurs to them that money used to fly around the world for expensive medical treatment, unnecessary conferences, and pleasure could be allocated towards building medical clinics, could be used for economic development (roads, trade schools, electricity, pipe-borne water etc..) as well as to provide scholarships to train more health professionals in improving the health care system in Liberia.

    Liberia’s economic prosperity rests on the shoulder of all Liberians but this can only be achieved if government officials cut down on waste and all Liberians work together in the maintaining the peace .

    May God bless your business Ms. Baker.

  4. Highly commendable business/culture initiative that should attract Liberians and visitors to Liberia alike! I would like to see displayed prominently a photograph of Mother Elizabeth Moore Johnson.

  5. Am a Liberian and a very proud one,but am so tired of others African and Asian, American, European countries, making fun of us,we can come back, look at how Ghanaian Morgan at Liberian,and others African nations, doing the same thing, back then most of never came close to us,except now, we can do it, and get pass them,thanks you so much for another development, God blessed you,and give you more, so we can keep building our country….

  6. Weldone my Liberian sister, together we can make Liberia a beautiful place. I love putting ideas together. This is beautiful and i look forward to the completion of this village. Will def visit when am home. May God bless.

  7. Our people have been rated the friendliest on Planet Earth, so if we want tourists pouring in to support hospitality businesses such as Hesta’s, there are certain long – term steps we must advocate for. For instance, to include the following: political stability; crack down on bribe requests at RIA/ Bureau of Immigration, traffic stops, and in taxi cabs; safe road from RIA to Buchana; prioritize city sanitation; increase police presence in potentially high crime areas.

    Frankly, it is integrated approaches to tourism which will make our economy free itself from total foreign domination. Of course, the success of huge start – ups such as Hesta’s will definitely result in real supply – side effects. Congrats, dear, Elizabeth Village ought to be an in – demand Diasporan destination.

  8. Wow. Thanks to all of you for your kind words. We are committed to making Liberia and Liberians proud. As a 100% Liberian owned and operated destination, we will do all we can to represent each and every one of you. May God richly bless each of you.

  9. Very proud of you! Would love to hear more about the history of your grandmother. Am truly interested since her off spring is so successful. Buchanan will certainly benefit from this.

  10. Amen! This is one of the way out my people. Great inspiration and i am sure to followsuite. Lots of love and energy i can feel and see for this land of liberty that set us free. I look forward to certainly visiting at your resort. Well appreciated that Liberian are doing something and not only waiting on the west to doing it all and our children becomes second class citizen. Thanks, thanks for shining light on mama Librria.


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