Internal Reshuffle at Finance Ministry


The Ministry of Finance has instituted a major internal reshuffle affecting several senior staff including Acting Customs and Excise Commissioner Dixon Seboe. Mr. Seboe, who served as acting Customs Commissioner since 2012, has been reassigned to the office of the Minister of Finance as advisor. Mr. Seboe has been replaced by Mr. Saa Saamoi as Acting Customs Commissioner.

 The new Acting Commissioner of Customs served as Assistant Commissioner of Customs for Urban Ports prior to his appointment. The new measure was announced over the weekend by Finance Minister Amara Mohammed Konneh.

 According to a Finance Ministry statement, Minister Konneh announced the reshuffle during a senior staff meeting last week saying that his action was the outcome of a routine process of internal administrative reviews and adjustments.

 “The reshuffle was not the result of any wrongdoing or impropriety on the part of anyone that has been affected, but rather intended to instill a renew vigor and enthusiasm in taking the agency forward,” he said. Minister Konneh further explained that the decision was taken in a bid to accelerate the government’s revenue collection efforts.

 Mr. Jesse Korboi, who is former Deputy Commissioner for Tax Operations, has been transferred to the Budget Department as Manager of the Economic Revitalization Pillar.

 Also appointed is Mr. T. Ojuku Nyenpan. Mr. Nyenpan, a former Principal Director of the Large Tax Division in the Revenue Department, was transferred to the Expenditure and Debt Management Department as Deputy Comptroller and Accountant-General for Bank Reconciliation; while Mr. Sekou Sanoe, former Deputy Comptroller and Accountant-General for Bank Reconciliation in the Department of Expenditure and Debt Management, has also been transferred to the Department of Revenue as Deputy Commissioner for Operations, Division of Internal Revenue and Mr. Robert Johnson, former Audit Manager in the Risk and Compliance Division, is now Principal Director of the Large Tax Division.

 Others appointed are Daniel J. C. Hayes,   Principal Director, Rural Tax; Jeremiah Sackie, Deputy Comptroller and Accountant-General for Technical Services; Stephen Johnson, Technical Focal Person, office of the Deputy Minister for Revenue; Wilma Senkpeni, Principal Director, Medium Tax Division; Mr. Sebastian Weah, Principal Director, Small Tax Division; Cecelia McGill, Senior Customs Collector, Freeport of Monrovia; Benedict Roberts, Assistant Commissioner of Customs for Urban Ports. The senior Customs Collector at Freeport of Monrovia, Amanda Garnett, and the Principal Director of the Rural Tax Division, Albert Browne, are slated for reassignment.

 Minister Konneh used the senior staff meeting to extend his thanks and appreciation to all senior staff for their dedicated services and encouraged them to work harder in their new roles by bringing renewed zest, commitment and the required energy needed to serve the people of Liberia.

 Analysts have welcomed Minister Konneh’s latest action, but expressed the hope that it will yield needed results. Few weeks ago, the Ministry of Finance announced a major crusade to collect government revenue from delinquent taxpayers.

 According to Minister Konneh, the ongoing aggressive domestic revenue mobilization campaign by the Ministry of Finance is intended to boost the government of Liberia’s (GOL) revenue collection across the country.

 GOL insiders had told our business desk that the Finance Ministry was launching the campaign in order to save the government from a prospective budget shortfall, a situation that is glaringly occurring as GOL has already experienced about US$17.7 million shortfall in revenue collection for the month of January, 2014. Minister Konneh had already assured Liberians that the fundamentals of the Liberian economy remain stable and strong to support vigorous collection of revenue.


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