Hydro-China Int’l to Invest in Liberia’s Energy Sector


Authorities of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) received a delegation from the Hydro-China International Engineering Company, Limited on Tuesday, August 4, as a follow up to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the LEC management, represented by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the Hydro-China International Engineering Company Ltd. on July 3, in the People’s Republic of China. The meeting was centered on the Hydro-China’s possible investment in Liberia’s energy sector.

Hydro-China International, one of China’s biggest engineering and design firms, wants to assist LEC with the design, construction and financing of a hydropower project. A Technical Team of approximately eight engineers from China are expected in Liberia during the dry season to visit potential sites for further analysis.The Technical Team is expected to work with engineers and specialists from Liberia Electricity Corporation and the Ministry of Lands Mines and Energy. They are also expected to visit potential sites including some on the Lofa and Mano Rivers. They will consider opportunities for water storage during the dry season so that there will be year round power from the projects.

The construction of additional hydropower plants is expected to increase the LEC generation capacity and impact the people of Liberia through the increased availability of affordable electricity. This will provide jobs and reduce the poverty level. Speaking on behalf of Hydro-China, the General Manager Mr. Hu Junde expressed his delight for being in Liberia and promised his company’s willingness to improve the Liberian national energy grid. “We are very happy to be here in Liberia with you and we want to help develop the national energy grid by constructing a hydropower plant”. For his part, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of LEC, Mr. John F. Burke, thanked the Chinese visiting delegation and promised LEC’s readiness to work with them in the future.“We are looking forward to working with your technical team during the dry season”.

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is currently implementing the construction of three heavy fuel oil fired plants and the reconstruction of the Mt. Coffee Hydro Power Project, which was destroyed during Liberia’s fourteen years of civil conflict.

“This latest news from Hydro-China International is a welcome initiative and comes at a time when Liberians are eagerly anticipating the regular supply of cost-effective electricity throughout the country,” said the LEC in a statement.


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