House to Investigate APM Terminals


APM Terminals, the company operating the Free Port of Monrovia, has been accused of ‘bad labor practice in disregard of the Liberianization Policy.’

The Dutch company has also been charged by Bong County District # 5 Representative, Edward Karfia, of violating the “Joint Tripartite Communiqué”, which was reached by APM Terminals, the Government via the 53rd Legislature, and the National Port Authority (NPA).

According to Rep. Karfia, APM Terminals unilaterally outsourced cargo operations (loading and unloading of cargoes from ships) to Ghanaian companies instead of Liberian companies.

The Bong County lawmaker said it has been observed over the years that almost all the stevedoring companies (specialized in loading and unloading vessels) are Ghanaians, which breached the Liberianization Policy and other legislations.

“I write to officially register my complaint about activities at the Freeport of Monrovia concerning the functions of APM Terminals, which are inimical to the terms and conditions of the management contract entered with the authority of the National Port Authority through a concession agreement to manage the terminal of the Freeport of Monrovia for 25 years,” Rep. Karfia said in his letter.
“In June this year, APM Terminals unilaterally reached a decision to outsource stevedoring companies for operations at the Freeport of Monrovia by bringing in Ghanaian companies…”

The House’s Plenary has unanimously, through Deputy Speaker and Presiding Officer Hans Barchue, set up a 7-person committee to investigate and report in one week – by Thursday, September 22.

The Chairman on the House’s Labor Committee, Rep. Christian Chea, will serve as Chairman, while Rep. Josephine Francis is co-Chairman. Other members include Rep. Gabriel Smith, Rep. Larry Younquoi, Rep. Saah Joseph, Rep. Robertson Siaway and Rep. George Mulbah.


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