Hands-free: The Improved Ebola Bucket




A newly designed sample of hand washing buckets has surfaced on the Liberian market amidst the Ebola crisis.

Unlike the rest of the buckets and cans where people open the faucet with the hand, the new product is electronically designed, allowing people to just step on a line and the  water will flow.

The sample of the bucket was made with megaphone, Radio, rubber tube and battery connected on it to produce power to pump the water.

Mr. Lewis K. Tealeh, senior communication consultant at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC) and inventor of the bucket said, since the outbreak of the virus in Liberia, government and international partners have begun asserting all efforts to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Based on that, Mr. Tealeh said: “I started thinking as a creative man and science student as to how to contribute towards the fight of this disease in our country, since it can be contracted by human contact.”

Mr. Tealeh is also a resident of Caldwell and a candidate of Master’s degree at the University of Liberia, studying extension technology.

According to him, health workers keep advising people to avoid shaking hands, eating bats and monkeys.  But then, “I saw people washing their hands using faucet that you have to open with your hands, which I think was not good, as that could also help to spread the virus.”

 “So, I decided, after careful observation, to fix something that would help save the lives of the people, since everybody was touching the faucet with bare hands. That’s how I came up with this invention,” Mr. Tealeh narrated.

 He indicated that the sample of the buckets is intended to seek support from national government through the Health Ministry, Europe Union and the American Embassy to enable him to mass produce the product.

“This support is not about the inventor, he said, but it is about Liberia, because we need to fight this virus collectively.”

 Mr. Tealeh called on Liberians to become supportive of their own projects that will be meaningful and useful to them.

Liberia, he said, is the only country where he sees people lacking interest in productive activities. This is the main reason the country is backward in development.

Mr. Tealeh is meanwhile calling on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and other international partners to support his initiative that will enable him to mass produce the electronically powered buckets on the market and sold at a minimum cost.

He can be reached at 0886549537


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