Gusceman, Inc. Conducts Professional Development Training for Service Providers

Participants posed for photo after the workshop

Gusceman Incorporated, a local business service provider in collaboration with the USAID Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative (LAVI), is reaching out to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners by offering free business training workshops for service providers.
The training, which was conducted recently in Monrovia, was held under the theme “Marketing Initiative for Service Provider Pool Networking or SP POOL Peer Marketing,” brought together at least 20 participants from a diverse business background in Monrovia.

Augustus J. Flomo, chief executive officer of Gusceman, said the workshop was intended to network and to improve the skills, knowledge, and confidence of local business people, particularly those offering business services to government, private institutions or individuals.

“Today is the beginning in my opinion of a lot of networks or enhancing our network that we try to build over the period. This is not a normal kind of workshop as you call it, where we will expect you to go and sit down and have a presentation and walk away.

“This is meant for us to be able to say to each other the services that we provide and how I can procure from you and how you can procure from me, so, we do relationship one side of the process which has to do with procuring of services of goods depending on what you do with each other, the other flip side of it is also building network,” he said.

Mr. Flomo said the training came from the backdrop of a great initiative that LAVI is sponsoring to get them started as service providers to begin to build a platform where “we all can make a business and prosper.”

He said the networking event is called service provider peer marketing and considers each one as a potential buyer.

“You will come and convince me how I can procure from you or how you can procure from me. Some time ago, LAVI put out this event we participated and they told us that there were few issues they want us to address, so the issue that was under consideration was local service providers not having time for CSO sufficiently.

“Most of us here and the perception we have had that CSO doesn’t even have money and I am sure because we have said it in many of our presentations that they do not have the ability to pay.

“So, we are trying to say that this platform is something that we probably need to look at and go beyond deeper,” Flomo said.

LAVI, according to he said is also aware that the service providers do not see the CSO as a potential marketplace, LAVI also create sufficient awareness with the CSO and the service provider.

Flomo said, “We have set the stage where we can easily work together with the service provider to be able to market ourselves. We are working with LAVI to expand and to reach out to other agencies, so we are going to be able to have a forum that is going to take us to the donor communities.”

LAVI is a USAID funded project. Mr. Alex Adel, Capacity Development Director at USAID LAVI thanked Mr. Flomo for organizing the training.

He told the participants that LAVI’s support towards the USAID initiative is to make sure that SP expands the network, so it’s going be more networking and creating opportunity.
He promised the participants and organizers that they will continue to build the capacity of local business people and to help them generate more revenue for themselves.

“I am so much excited about this gathering because it will help improve your businesses,” he concluded.


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