Gov. Jones Dedicates SCC Bank in Sinoe

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The Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. J. Mills Jones, received a thunderous reception over the weekend in Greenville, Sinoe County, where he had gone to dedicate the newly built Sinoe County Community Bank, as part of the CBL Micro-finance project.

The warm reception accorded the CBL boss indeed brought the truth in the popular saying that there is nowhere like home. And as many people noted, it might just be one of the biggest receptions so far throughout his visits around the country.

The citizens were highly overwhelmed in welcoming one of their sons who has had such a great impact in the lives of ordinary Liberians through the Central Bank of Liberia’s nationwide financial assistance scheme.

At the program marking the dedication of the Sinoe County Community Bank in Greenville City, Governor Jones, who hails from the county, told his fellow compatriots that he has brought them hope.

“The message that I bring to you, the people of Sinoe, and to all Liberians is hope; we believe in ourselves and to lift ourselves out of the valley of poverty. This is the message of hope that I brought to all Liberians, we take the opportunity that is given to us by the President and by this endeavor we need to take it seriously,” Dr. Jones told them.

He stated, “We believe we will be given this time in order to make the difference in the lives of other Liberians. This is what is behind the politics in financial inclusion that we must show at the Central Bank of Liberia.”

He said it is because of the quest for financial inclusion for every Liberian that the CBL, under his stewardship, has embarked on the financial inclusion exercise through the provision of loans to marketers and other ordinary Liberians.

Dr. Jones asked rhetorically, “What is financial inclusion?,” and explained, “it is big English but in simple English and in simple terms it means that we are trying to give hope to majority of our people the opportunity for themselves, so that their lives can be better; so that they can get access to small money to do something to improve their lives.”

He indicated that if only few people have money then they are the few that reside in Monrovia and who have access to the natural resources of the country.

Dr. Jones noted that his presence in the county indicated the dawning of a new day. “A new day is dawning in Sinoe from the crowd I see here today, from this crowd it says to me that it is time for healing in Sinoe,” he said.

He indicated that the honor bestowed upon him in Sinoe surely indicated that he was home. “I had some very good experience while growing up and it contributed immensely to shaping who I am today, although I was young, I know that I am in the place where I need to impact the lives some of the community, and share each other’s joy as well as sorrow.”

“We were taught to respect our elders, respect those that are in authority, we were taught to be disciplined and from both our father and mother, we want to appreciate their values of hard work, though their pay was low but then were hardworking people. Our teachers taught us to be competitive and encouraged students to focus on their learning,” he said.

Earlier, Sinoe County Superintendent T. Romeo Quioh lauded the CBL boss for economically empowering Liberians, which has helped greatly to improve the lives of ordinary Liberians.

He, however, indicated that the county cannot be developed without the involvement of every citizen, and called all citizens to put their difference aside and contribute their quota to the development of their beloved county.

He said that the bank will be of great help to the people, especially business people who are often involved in financial transactions.

Marketers of the county overwhelming lauded the CBL Governor for the development initiative which they indicated will go a long way in augmenting their businesses.


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