GOL Urged to Revive Tourism


The government has been urged to revitalize the country’s tourism industry to play its important role in economic revival.

“Tourism should be revitalized to generate the needed funds for the growth of the economy,” businessman Folebole F. Kromah said.

Kromah, currently visiting home from the United States, also urges the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) and government’s support partners to rehabilitate tourism sites across the country.

He, however, regretted dilapidated conditions of Lake Tileh in Sanniquellie City, Nimba County.

It may be recalled that the late George Dunbar, then District Commissioner of Sanniquellie Mah District, was the brain behind the initial construction of Lake Tileh.

He also called on the Lord Mayor of Sanniquellie City, City Councilmen, women and the county administration of the county to begin developing concrete strategies for the modernization of Lake Tileh.

Kromah explained that it does not need enormous resources to rehabilitate Lake Tileh to bring enormous exposure to Sanniquellie City along with its economic benefits.

“Our country, Liberia possesses beautiful sceneries that could attract tourists for revenue generation to transform communities where tourist sites are located,” Kromah asserted.

He further lamented that if one looks across the country, with the exception of Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County, all other natural and artificial tourist attractions are in a state of dormancy and neglect.

Kromah said it was sad to observe that waste and garbage from the central market, sewer lines from private homes and contamination from car washers continue to worsen the situation.

On top of the environmental threat to Lake Tileh, Kromah indicated the uncontrollable encroachment over the years by residents that led to its degradation.

The Liberian businessman, who is also from Nimba County, stressed that all efforts should be exerted against the current sanitation and environmental challenges facing the lake.

“Once Lake Tileh is rehabilitated Liberians and tourists would soon realize that so many recreational activities, ceremonial events such as birthday parties, picnics, Western and Tribal marriages could be held there.”

Kromah also underscored the need for the business community, along with residents to consider rendering voluntary services to the Sanniquellie City Corporation (SCC) in order to improve the collection and disposal of garbage in the area.

In conclusion, he expressed the hope that his suggestions will be considered to jumpstart the process. Restoring Lake Tileh and upgrading it to its full potential as a tourist attraction in the county could qualify as an impetus to promoting the revival and development of tourism in the country.


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