‘Go Beyond Your Thinking’

Madam Hannah Blackett, CEO of Rosna Services Inc. .jpg

The proprietor of Rosna Services Inc., Ms. Hannah Blackett, has urged Liberian entrepreneurs “to go beyond their thinking” to provide adequate services to Liberian consumers.

In an interview on October 28, she said the government cannot do everything for all the citizens, so it is time that the citizens go beyond their thinking by improving on whatsoever business they are involved in to international standards.

She said Liberians shouldn’t be just satisfied with what is available, but should seek the positive aspects of their businesses to meet up with both national and international demands.

Ms. Blackett, who runs the Rosna Services Inc., a business that caters for steel giant Arcelor Mittal in both Yekepa and Buchanan, encouraged Liberian entrepreneurs to provide services that show that they are competent to handle their responsibilities up to international standards.

“The sky should be our limit, and let’s continue progressing in whatsoever we are involved in; it could be catering services or any other business, the best thing is to keep improving until you meet the standards, both national and international,” she said.

“During the Ebola epidemic, we imported all our vegetables and hired expatriates that are currently working in the canteen. They provided training for our Liberian sisters and brothers on how to maintain themselves in terms of their dress code and how to do catering.

“When we started this business, we tried our best to meet up to the standard that we are today; if we were to relent, this catering would have fallen into the hands of foreigners.”

Madam Blackett has meanwhile urged Liberians, especially those involved in catering, to do their best to improve on the standard that will meet the needs of their customers.

The Rosna Services Inc. has in it employ over 300 young Liberians and some international staff that are running canteens in both Yekepa and Buchanan for Arcelor Mittal Liberia.


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