General Business Inspection Begins


Authorities at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) on Monday praised rural businesspeople for the way they have so far cooperated with its inspectors conducting the ministry’s announced inspection of businesses across the country.

Although the ministry referred to the business community as a partner to the commerce inspectors. others complained of traffic congestion due to the inspection.

According to the ministry, the inspection will also certify that products found on the Liberian market are tested by the National Standards Laboratory (NSL) to meet international standards and to conform to the General Business Law of Liberia.

“We are asking our inspectors not to engage the business community with force. We anticipate cooperation from all businesses. Our inspectors will conduct field inspections from Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The ministry’s general inspection will focus on Business Registration Enforcement, General Commodity Standard Inspection and Market Surveillance and Price Monitoring,” the MOCI said in a recent press release.

The inspections, according to the ministry, will cover several businesses including minimarts and supermarkets, grocery stores, cold storages, convenience stores, electronic stores and water companies.

The ministry said the metrology division of the National Standards Laboratory will be carrying out the Bureau of Industrial Services Quarterly Gas Station and Weighing Instruments Verification and Inspection at all relevant establishments.

Regarding petroleum, the Ministry said the process is being carried out to ensure that consumers receive the required quantity of petroleum products and other consumable goods that are purchased by measurement (volume and weight).

The ministry has meanwhile called on the business community to fully comply with the inspectors, who will be out implementing the exercise.

“The leadership of the ministry has instructed inspectors and all heads of concerned departments to ensure that the process is extended throughout the rural parts to guarantee good health and safety for all Liberians,” MOCI said.


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