Ganta Market Project on Hold


The construction of the building housing the Ganta Market, under the Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund (SMWF), has come to a standstill, turning the project site into a ghost town due to inadequate funds.

The delay of the construction is reportedly building tension in Ganta.

Mayor Dopka reportedly informed the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) that several bags of cement and other building materials stored in the warehouse are damaged, adding that he could not locate any of the engineers responsible for the project.

On a local radio Morning Show in Ganta on Wednesday, April 27, they Mayor informed the public that he has consulted with the SMWF and was told they are “out of funds and are lobbying with partners to get funding to complete the project.”

The market project began over three years ago, with city residents expecting its completion to ease difficulties marketers go through.

Many residents have also observed and complained that the design of the building on a billboard in the city is not the same as the one being constructed, a point Mayor Dopka made and supported.

The construction company, James Perry Associates/JPA, could not be reached for response. Phone calls and a text message sent to the proprietor, James Perry, were unanswered up to press time.


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