Ganta Businesses Owners Welcome City Council Mandate


Business owners operating along the main thoroughfare in the commercial city of Ganta are responding positively to the mandate from the Ganta City Corporation to erect flattop buildings on the main street as the paved highway, coming all the way from Red Light, Paynesville, enters their city.

For the City Council, the mandate aims to give the city a facelift as the paved road is being constructed. Flattops, otherwise known as concrete slabs, would potentially serve as upper floors for buildings in the future — furthering the facelift objective of the City Council. However, those owning business are also starting to see other benefits of complying with the City Council’s mandate.

Businesspeople interviewed last weekend acknowledged that although complying with the mandate requires serious capital expenditure, it will go a long way to providing much needed security for their businesses. Thus, many have begun constructing theirs to quickly transfer goods there and be ready to resume business as soon as the road is completed.

One of the leading businessmen in Ganta, Pharaze Dekpah, told the Daily Observer that, in addition to the facelift, flattop provides security in terms of preventing rogues from breaking in through the roof.

Madison Gausi, proprietor of the Wingus Business Center, knows that all too well and wasted no time to begin constructing his flattop. His store was once burglarized when rogues entered through the zinc roof and made off with heavy loot.

City council chairman, Amos S. Gbatu is of the view that Ganta will attract so many people once the paved road is built and, for the city and county yea Liberia to be respected, buildings erected in such a city should be appropriate. He said that in any given situation as such, people need to adjust to the prevailing realities, despite the constraint associated.


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