‘Forget Gov’t Jobs, Invest in Business’

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a business Consortium has called on Liberians, especially those who see government jobs as the only means through which they can serve their country and its citizens, to resign their positions and establish businesses that would employ Liberians, many of whom are young and vulnerably unemployed.

Mr. Sam Saryon who owns City Construction Inc, a construction company; Securitax Security, a security firm,  and Sabanoh enterprises, a stationery supplier and printing press; said that it would be prudent for privileged Liberians to become engaged in entrepreneurship that would give more Liberians employment opportunities rather than only running after government jobs.

The head of City Construction Inc. made these statements on Thursday January 23, when Royal Communications Inc honored him as Business Executive of the year for 2012-2013.

Royal communication is a consortium of various media institutions that include Kings 88.5 FM, Clar Television and City FM, which are all owned by football legend George Weah.

The Director of News and Programming at Royal Communication, Mr. Darlington Pelenah, said that the selection of Mr. Saryon as Business Executive of the year is as a result of his outstanding contributions helping the government of Liberia to buttress its Poverty Reduction Strategy by providing jobs to vulnerable Liberians.

He said the result came following detailed discussions held with editors and a survey of views among Liberian entrepreneurs.

Mr. Saryon upon being awarded said, “Receiving this award has inspired me to work harder than ever to provide job opportunities for the Liberian people.”

He said his companies have made hiring Liberians a priority; already having employed 1,800 citizens. He described this as his contribution towards the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS).

Mr.Saryon also used the medium as an opportunity to call on the youth of Liberia to stop using violence as a means to get attention. He expressed the belief that using violence to solve problems only escalates into more unnecessary violence.

“It’s time for the youth of Liberia to rise up and put violence behind them so they can focus on their future.”


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