Falama Inc. Opening Organic Food Minimart


Falama Incorporated, a food processing company that produces food products from organically grown crops, is to open its first organic food minimart in Congo Town on Saturday.

Falama’s founder and CEO, Angie Howard, said the minimart will offer a variety of processed products that are totally grown organically not only by Falama but products made by other processors around the country. The minimart which will open to the public on Saturday, is a venture resulting from the supportive efforts of sponsors and partners that include ZOA organization and Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), among others, Howard intimated.

Several government officials from the ministries of Agriculture, Commerce and the National Investment Commission are expected to attend the opening of the minimart.

The Challenge

Despite government and private sector collaboration to improve the local agriculture sector, bad roads connecting farms to markets, limited vegetable crop storage facilities, poor agriculture market structures and poor extension services are factors overshadowing government and partner’s efforts in the country’s agriculture sector. However, over the years, the government and its partners have been working on amending agricultural policy, constructing rice storage and agro-processing facilities and providing farmers with loan schemes to upgrade their activities in the country.

The opening of an organic minimart could trigger the rise of many agricultural stores around the country. It could also be another jobs generating enterprise providing suitable markets for local farmers to sell their produce. Moreover, the organic food minimart could be a precursor of organic farming practices since it will only process organically grown crops.


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