‘Extension of Feeder Roads is Critical to Vibrant Agriculture Growth, Development’

Minister Moore says ‘Feeder .jpg

Public Works Minister William Gyude Moore has reminded the government that extension of feeder roads to hard to reach parts of the country is critical to the attainment of agriculture growth and development.

Minister Moore made the assertion last week Tuesday in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer at his Lynch Street office in Monrovia.

In order to translate that into practical reality, Minister Moore has disclosed that in the early part of next year, the Ministry will embark on the construction and rehabilitation of feeder roads in Southeastern Liberia.

He added that the potentials of the rural farmers and businesspeople to transform the nation into a vibrant exporting country cannot be over-emphasized.

Therefore, Minister Moore stressed, emphasis and priority should be given to the construction and connection of farmers to major primary and secondary roads in all parts of the country.

In recent trips to Nimba and Lofa counties, this reporter observed that pineapples, corn and cucumbers were getting rotten due to difficulties being encountered by farmers to transport them to markets.

The farmers told the Daily Observer that should the government prioritize more farm-to-market roads, the economy could experience some growth and progress.

Farmers will be happy to learn that Minister Moore and team are beginning to consider the construction of farm-to-market roads across the country.

Minister Moore pointed further out that construction of feeder roads requires sufficient funds to meet the growing demands from farmers.


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