EU Provides US$21.5M to Construct Electricity Transmission Lines, Substations

Minister Tweah, Mr. Gaur and Amb. Cavé.

-Monrovia Consolidation LOT 1 Project Signed

By David A. Yates and Robin Dopoe

The European Union (EU) yesterday (August 9) provided an amount of US$21.5 million for the Monrovia Consolidation LOT 1 project, which is aimed at constructing electricity transmission lines and substations.

The disclosure was made at a signing ceremony in Monrovia between the Government of Liberia (GoL) and the MBH Power Limited, Nigeria, represented by one of its officials, Prayag Gaur.

EU Ambassador Hélène Cavé, who spoke at the signing ceremony, said when constructed, the electricity transmission lines will complete the main transmission line connecting Bushrod Island to Paynesville, outside Monrovia, via Capitol Hill and in Congo Town, closing the loop by inter-phasing with other projects in the Paynesville substation.

The European female diplomat told government officials at the ceremony that the project will be carried out by the MBH Power Limited, Nigeria, and supervised by INTEC.

“It is foreseen that the GoL will make the budget available for the resettlement compensation of the local population that will be required to relocate in order to install the transmission lines,” Cavé said.

Cavé said EU counts on the goodwill of all authorities to carry out the necessary relocations in an efficient and fair manner, ensuring a smooth project implementation without unnecessary delays.

“This project had from the very beginning foreseen that a number of junior electrical engineering (and students in their final university studies’ year) would have an opportunity to learn through it,” Amb. Cavé said.

She said that EU has been one of the principal contributors to the development of infrastructure in Liberia, mainly roads and energy, and continues to make a significant contribution to the development of regional infrastructure in West Africa.

For instance, the EU, via the European Investment Bank, contributed substantially to the rehabilitation of the Mount Coffee hydro-power plant.

Amb. Cavé said that EU, via the West African Power Pool, also financed the major part of the three cross-border electrification lines coming from Ivory Coast, supplying electricity to Maryland, Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties.

John Ashley, Chief Executive Officer of Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), expressed gratitude to the EU and GoL for being able to take part in the signing ceremony for the Monrovia Consolidation Project Lot 1.

Ashley said the project is very important to LEC, and the entity will ensure that it is implemented.

According to him, the Monrovia Consolidation project is structured in two lots that will ensure the distribution and connection of 38,000 households to the grid.

He added, “Lot 1 of the project deals with the contractions of the transmission lines and substations, which will strengthen the company transmission network—while Lot 2 will focus on massive connection of households across the country. This project is indeed a big boost to the company, because it will deliver efficient and timely electricity,” Ashley said.

Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., conveyed on behalf of President George Weah profound gratitude to the EU for the support given to Liberia’s infrastructure development. Tweah described EU as one of Liberia’s development partners.

Minister Tweah assured the EU of President Weah’s determination to address issues of infrastructure development by diversifying the economy, and strengthening the private sector as the ultimate engine of productivity and job creation.


  1. Oh boy! Chopping opens!

    Lord, I prayeth unto Ye that Ye may guardeth any corrupted souls (modern day Babylonians) far yonder from these silver pieces giveth unto us by our brethren across the seas , for many thinketh the glorious days wisheth for haft cometh! Woe unto Ye who stealeth the coins of the children of the Almighty!

    Please Lord , hear my humble cry! I hope anyone with Babylonic intent is reading too! Fix the transmission lines as provided for and nothing else!

    • I salute your prayers. Implementation to the letter has been our problem from the inception of liberia as a nation. Hope our opposition challenge the government to fully used this money for the stipulated purpose.

    • President Weah announced in Monrovia that the money provided by donor countries will be supervised by the donors and there will be meetings every three months with Liberian authorities and the donor(Transparency)

  2. If the installation of electrical hardware is carried out by people who have the expertise to do the job, the money will not be diverted underneath the beds of space aliens. It is hoped also that Ghanaians will not be called in to do job that Liberians can do.

  3. Please use this money ($) to purchase quality materials; for example, 5 high quality power transformers is of greater value than 100 cheap, low quality transformers. Let’s build for the long term. Stop the quick fixes.


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