Ellen Lauds Nimba Entrepreneurs

President Sirleaf visits a market under construction in Ganta_web.jpg

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lauded entrepreneurs in Nimba County for the level of development initiatives being undertaken in the county. She said the high level of infrastructural development in the county is a result of Nimbaians’ continuous investments which have given the county “a different and better facelift.”

The president said that Nimba County is one of the fastest growing counties in terms of infrastructural development and entrepreneurship, something, she said, that she took notice of.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County on Friday, the President lauded the businessmen and women for their robust entrepreneurial skills that now see their county booming with glittering businesses and high-rising buildings. Some of the major entrepreneurs, including business tycoon, Floyd Tomah, were at the ceremony.

She said these kinds of facilities bring a lot of comforts to residents and visitors that trek to the county on a daily basis, adding that she was impressed with the level of development that is taking place in the county.

“I’m trying to remember the last time I was in Sanniquellie. I believe it was perhaps…I’m not sure whether it was the July 26th celebration. And I was just on the road today looking at what’s happening now in the county as compared to what it was then.

“Certainly Nimba is on the move and I must congratulate all of you,” said the President.

She also lauded Nimbaians for their development-oriented attitudes, which have put their county above the rest.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer, businessman, Floyd Tomah said that Nimba businesspeople are striving to serve their local communities and bring facilities that make life worth living to the local people.

He was glad that the President was able to recognize their efforts, saying that “this is another motivational factor that would result to more being done in Nimba.”

He noted that the high level of competition that is ongoing in the business sector, which he termed as “healthy,” is another factor that is making the business environment vibrant.

Nimba is the second most populous county and now rivals Montserrado County, which hosts the country’s capital, as the commercial hub of Liberia. Many of the major cities and towns including Ganta, Saclepea, Tapitta, Bahn and several others currently boast of a considerable level of developments, including hotels, restaurants, banks, petrol stations, Internet cafes and many more.


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