ECOWAS Vice President Holds Discussion with Commerce on Trade Levy

Acting Commerce Minister Cyril A. Allen.jpg

A delegation led by the Vice President of the Economic Community for West African States Commission (ECOWAS-Commission), Dr. Togar McIntosh, paid a visit to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and held discussions with officials there on trade levy within African member states.

Speaking during his opening remarks, Acting Minister Cyril A. Allen, II expressed gratitude for the visit and stated that the presence of the delegation will provide an opportunity to discuss issues surrounding the ECOWAS Trade Levy. Minister Allen assured the delegation of the ministry’s commitment to the implementation of its basic policy.

Dr. McIntosh in his comments to the MoCI Senior Management Team stated that he and his delegation were in the country to hold discussions with key institutions including the Ministry Of Commerce and Industry, Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) to discuss issues surrounding the ECOWAS trade levy implementation. He added that the delegation’s outreach is intended to dialogue, identify and address challenges encountered by member countries in meeting their respective commitments to the commission.

Accompanied by the Special Representative of the ECOWAS Commission’s President to Liberia, Ambassador Tunde Ajisomo, Dr. McIntosh further stated that resources in the possession of the regional body were dwindling so new steps are now required to be taken to fill the gaps. He said that he and the delegation intends to cover the entire region and will be holding meetings at both the political and technical levels of member countries.

The ECOWAS delegation included Mr. Brian A. Sapati, Deputy Director General; Bunu Lawan, Principal Accountant representing the ECOWAS Commissioner of Finance; and Mr. Urias Harrington, III, Executive Assistant to the ECOWAS Commission Vice President. The delegation also held discussions on the implementation of various ECOWAS Trade Protocols.


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