Ecobank Identifies with Orphans, Old Folks Homes

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As part of its Christmas activities, Ecobank Liberia on Tuesday, December 23, distributed an assortment of items to the Fatima Cottage Orphanage Mission in Deville, the Esther Johnson Retirement Home in Paynesville, and the Group of 77 on Newport Street in Monrovia.

Speaking at the various distribution sites, the communication director of Ecobank, Madam Ivy V. Fairley said that the items were part of the bank’s social responsibility by giving back to the society.

“Ecobank is concerned about all Liberians, especially the under- privileged; you remain a major priority of the bank,” she promised.

“These gifts are a kind gesture of the management of the bank in celebration of the holiday season.”

 During a brief stop at the Fatima Cottage Orphanage Mission, Madam Fairley assured the kids that they were considered part of the bank.

“This is not our first time presenting gifts to you people. We consider you to be a part of us and we will not rest helping you.” The bank’s communication director noted.

“We are not going to stop here; we are going to provide educational materials to you people very soon.” 

“Someone among you children could one day become the president of this nation,” she encouraged the kids.

After receiving the items the children sang songs of praises.

In response, Rev.  Victoria N. Young founder of the Mission, lauded the bank for identifying with the kids, during the festive seasons.

She also expressed gratitude to the bank’s management for the items. 

According to her, the presentation of the gifts was not a mistake; instead she referred to it as an act of God.

“You did not come here by mistake rather; it is God who directed you people here to identify with these unfortunate children.”

“I have more than 60 children in this Orphanage, and the older ones have gone to fend for themselves. This is what they are not here to greet you people,” Rev. Young explained about the plight of the kids. 


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