Ecobank Gives to Ebola Survivors


Ecobank Liberia Limited has donated large quantities of assorted food items, bleach and toiletries to the government to aid survivors of the Ebola epidemic in the country. The Bank’s Managing Director (MD), Mr. Kola Adeleke, led an array of staff to the compound of the General Services Agency (GSA) on UN Drive Saturday, November 8, to make the donation to GSA Director General and head of logistics for the government’s Ebola Task Force, Madam Mary T. Broh.

 The assorted items, which are valued over US$10,000, will be directly distributed to Ebola survivors, who the Ecobank Management has urged the public not to stigmatize against.

The donation coincided with this year’s Ecobank Day jamboree, a day celebrated in 36 countries that are subsidiaries of the Ecobank Transitional Incorporated (ETI), parent company of the Ecobank Liberia.

 Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Adeleke thanked the international community, the Liberian Government and people for head-on fighting the Ebola virus, which, he said there is a drastic reduction in the number of new cases nationwide.

 He pledged to continue working with the government and international organizations to ensure that Liberia becomes an Ebola-free country and survivors of the deadly virus are not stigmatized. Mr. Adeleke cautioned the public against stigmatizing survivors of the Ebola virus, noting that it is imperative for survivors to tell their stories.

 “We have to learn from their experiences and how they came in contact with the disease. Telling their stories will greatly help national fight,” said the Ecobank Managing Director. “Let us not stigmatize them. Let us not be afraid of them because they are not vulnerable to the disease anymore.”

 Mr. Adeleke noted that Ebola survivors are Africans and Liberians, “just like you and me.” He spoke of the grave impact of the Ebola outbreak on the economies of the three countries hit hardest by the virus, but noted that as a Pan African bank that has vast experience in operating in crisis environment, Ecobank crafted a business continuity plan (BCP) that has helped it through crises including the Ebola crisis.

“During crisis like this we {Ecobank Family] sacrifice profitability for liquidity,” said the Ecobank boss. He assured the public that as a Pan African bank, Ecobank is in Liberia to stay and to help with the development agenda of the country and its people.

 “This is our core value—to help develop Africa and Africans,” he said.

 Receiving the items, GSA Director General and head of logistics for the government’s Ebola Taskforce, Mary Broh, thanked Mr. Adeleke and the Ecobank Family for supporting not only the government’s anti-Ebola efforts, but the GSA itself.

 “We are very grateful to the Pan African bank that has always been there for us as a country and people,” said Madam Broh. “I can assure you that these items will be recorded and delivered as you wish and that all records will be made available to your bank for recordkeeping,” she sated.

 The GSA boss also assured the Ecobank Family that ONLY the Ebola survivors will benefit from the items.

This is not the first time Ecobank Liberia has made crucial donation to the government’s anti-Ebola efforts. Few months ago, the Bank donated a brand new ambulance to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to help transport infected patients to treatment centers.

 The donation on Friday coincided with the founding celebration of Ecobank dubbed Ecobank Day, on October 4, 1985.

 This year’s celebration was shifted to October 8 due to the Muslims’ holiday which fell on October 4, 2014.

 Ecobank currently has branches in 36 countries in Africa. It is also present in China, the United Kingdom, the US and France, amongst others. Ecobank started on October 4, 1985 with an authorized capital of US$100 million.

 An initial paid up capital of US$32 million was raised from 1,500 individuals and institutions from West African countries, which led to the signing of an agreement granting Ecobank the status of an international organization with rights and privileges to operate as a regional institution.

 The Bank currently has up to US$23 billion in assets, 10 million customers and over 20,000 employees across the continent. Ecobank Liberia is the biggest bank in the term of capital, branch networks and staff in Liberia.        


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