Dual Currency Tops Women’s Conference in Nimba

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The issue of dual currencies on the Liberian Market is said to be causing hardship for those involved with business locally.

At a two-day women’s conference in Ganta City, Nimba County recently, the women contended that the use of more than one currency in Liberia is suppressing them in achieving profit from their business.

“We want one currency in the country to enable us (the women) to improve in the businesses we are involved in,” they said.

“The introduction of a single currency on the market will really boast businesses for petit business people,” they further said.

Huku, a business woman attending the conference said, “The exchange rate before getting goods from other countries can make us not to get any profit.”

The women’s conference was held under the theme; “Giving Visibility to Women’s Ingenuity.” It brought together women representing two districts in Nimba (Bain Garr and Sanniquellie Mah) and it was funded by ICCO and implemented by DEN – L.

Marie Suah, a shop owner in Ganta explained that during former President Charles Taylor’s regime, business transaction was better than now because most of the transactions were done in Liberian Dollars.

“The man asked me to bring L$ instead of US$ and I was forced to take the money for changing before getting my goods,” she added.

“We want only Liberian dollars to be used in the country,” she said.

Dorothy Toomann, Executive Director of DEN – L, said the organization is working to build the capacities of women to be able to take part in local governance.

“This program is intended to promote women’s participation in local government structure and get their involvement in decision making,” she said.


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