Drivers Hike Transport Fares Again


As public outcry against the increase in transportation fares continue, commercial drivers have again stepped up fares to all destinations in Monrovia.

On Monday February 23, fares from Red-Light Market to central Monrovia were  increased from LD$60 to LD$100.00, which resulted to hundreds of commuters being stranded.

Despite the Ministries of Transport, Commerce and Industry’s decision to reduce transportation prices six weeks ago, drivers on several occasions make their own prices, when conditions favor it.

The arbitrary increase of transport fares has sparked  bitter confrontation between  drivers and commuters.

Reports from Duala have confirmed that some drivers have also stepped up fares.

In several interviews with commuters, they sounded urgent calls to the Ministries of Transport and commerce for intervention.

In an interview at the Red-light Market on Monday morning, businessman Patrick B. Bolton said that until the MOT and MOCI act now, the situation would degenerate.

Central Monrovia’s businesswoman Patricia M. Philips, 58, noted that until the MOT and MOCI’s Ministers can graduate from issuing empty and sugar-coated utterances and promises, the situation would continue to worsen.

Mrs. Philips said the Liberian government must muster the courage to ensure the practical enforcement of its regulations.

Civil servant Thomas B. Kollison, 64, said adjusted transport fares’ must be enforced.

Foreign merchant Allie B. Hassan, 55, of Duala General Market said the ministries involved must set example by enforcing their own regulations.

Waterside businessman Sam B. Kun, 48, intimated that commercial drivers must be monitored to ensure compliance of government’s decision.

“I suggest the MOT and MOCI  employ transport fare regulators,” Mr. Kun pleaded.


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