Dr. Kaberuka Receives Lifetime Achievement Award



The CEO Forum of 2015 has awarded Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his contribution to the development of the African continent.

Speaking at the ceremony on March 16, Dr. Kaberuka said, “I accept the prize in the name of the people in this room and out there in Africa, people from the government, civil society and the private sector.  Africa has a long way to go and together we shall go far.”

This is not the first award Dr. Kaberuka has received since he took over the African Development Bank as President in 2005.

Some awards he has received include the U.S. Department of the Treasury Award, Made in Africa Foundation Special Recognition Award and African Banker Award.

He is serving his second five-year term as President of the continent’s prestigious financial institution, and is expected to be exiting in May this year during the bank’s 50th annual meeting in Abidjan.

Prior to becoming President of the AfDB, Dr. Kaberuka who has a career in banking and international trade and development, served his country, Rwanda between 1997 and 2005 as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.

During his tenure, he implemented new systems of structural, monetary and fiscal governance, laying special emphasis on the independence of Rwanda’s Central Bank.

Strategy on poverty reduction, infrastructural development, private sector and regional integration are among reforms Dr. Kaberuka has initiated during his tenure at the African Development Bank.

He was educated in Tanzania and Scotland, and received his PhD in Economics from Glasgow University.

During the Ebola crisis facing Liberia and its neighbors, the African Development Bank President visited the affected region at the peak of the crisis and condemned acts of stigmatization and suspension of diplomatic missions on the part of some countries.

Dr. Kaberuka at the time noted with disdain those suspending flights and withdrawing their diplomats from the affected countries were acting without expert advice, and that such was counterproductive to economies of the affected countries. 


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