Despite Bad Road Condition: Logatuo Port ‘Back to Pre-Ebola Times’


Despite the bad road condition facing the rural parts of Nimba, one of Liberia’s land ports, the Loguatuo Rural Port of entry is said to be gaining its pre-Ebola traffic, in terms of the movement of goods and services.

During a tour of the border on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the enclave of the border was seen very crowded with trailers loaded with goods from the Republic of Ivory Coast, while dozens of cars were waiting, outside the gate on the Liberia side, for goods.

“The border is not bad,” said the Custom Collector Bedell Buegbaye, “but the only problem we are faced with is the road condition.”

“As you can see on the road, the bridges are under bad condition and most of the goods were transported by trailers and heavy trucks,” he said.

One of the security officers, who did not want to be named, told this paper the movement of goods at the port is more frequent than before; that the port is busier now than even before the Ebola epidemic and it continues to boom day by day.

The Liberia side of Loguatuo port was reopened to commercial activities since Ebola came to an end in Liberia, but the Ivorian government kept their side closed until September 2016, when it was officially reopened.

Since the reopening, the traffic through the border has been frequent, according to residents of the community near the border post. Logatuo is one of the major entry points for agriculture produce, such peppers, groundnuts, fresh tomatoes as well as cattle.

It was not disclosed how much is generated daily, and the customs authorities there were not willing to discuss the revenue intake. However, sources close to customs authorities suggest that the port is quite lucrative, given the flow of goods.

“Since the border was opened in September, most of the goods entering here came by trailers. Imagine, nearly all plastic goods came through this port,” said one of the truck drivers only identified as Musa.


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