Customs Brokers Break Ground for New HQ

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The president of the National Customs Brokers Association of Liberia (NCBAL), Ivan Tumbey, has urged members of the association to work effectively in discharging their duties to meet international standards and best practices in the country.

Mr. Tumbey made the statement last Saturday at the ground breaking ceremony for the association’s new headquarters in the vicinity of Freeport.

He observed that the industry is necessary because as the world and technology continue to change and Liberia continues to grow, customs brokers must work tirelessly to improve the industry.

He noted that customs is often the first window by which the rest of the world gets to know a country; and customs brokers are one of the world’s trusted trade partners because they have the ability to promote trade facilitation through accountability and consistency.

“Your role as customs brokers is pivotal in the rebuilding process of Liberia and you operate at the very center of all trades by submitting and releasing customs on behalf of your clients,” he said.

Based on these experiences, “we want to inform our clients that few months from now they will see NCBAL in a new building that will be called our own.”

He said since the establishment of the association in the late 70s, this is the first time they have decided to build a modern headquarter.

“This day is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. We came to this leadership with vision and we will ensure that the association improves on a daily basis,” he said.

According to him, the new headquarters will encourage investors to do business with them in a decent atmosphere.

“The new headquarters,” he said, “will be used to collect lawful taxes that belong to the Liberian people, as well as building a vibrant economy.”

The NCBAL president said that he is doing all that is necessary to decentralize NCBAL’s activities throughout Liberia, beginning with the Buchanan port and the Roberts International Airport, which is being revamped.

“We want to assure the business community that the NCBAL is now ready to do the Liberian people’s work,” he said.

He said no country can progress without the collection of taxes, and as such Liberians and other business people should pay their taxes to government.

“It’s through these taxes that the government pays its workers and also develops the country,” he urged.

In remarks, several business clients who attended the program lauded the Ivan Tumbey administration for constructing a new modern headquarters for the association.

The NCBAL is a non–profit organization exempted from the payment of taxes. However, its account, showing receipts and expenditures, must always be open to inspection by any official designated by the Ministry of Finance.


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