The days when an accident victim must care for his/her injuries at his/her own expense, and vehicles damaged due to reckless driving of another party, leading the vehicle owner to suffer losses may be over as the Central Bank of Liberia, along with three other institutions, yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure that all vehicles in Liberia have compulsory Third Party Insurance.

The other institutions: the Liberia National Police (LNP), Ministry of Transport (MoT) and the Association of Insurers of Liberia (AIL), have agreed to collaborate, with a focus on the enforcement of Third Party Liability Insurance Scheme (TPL) so that the scheme will ensure that TPL provides financial security for the public in the event of injury, death and property damage resulting from motor vehicle accidents.

It will also ensure that all insurance companies underwriting motor insurance comply with the Protocols of the ECOWAS Brown Card Scheme, including all adopted yet unimplemented resolutions emanating from the scheme. The ECOWAS Brown Card Scheme is an extension of the TPL that effectively provides regular updates on its activities to the respective institutions.

The MOU was signed in the conference room of the Central Bank of Liberia. The CBL has the responsibility to promote effective regulation and supervision of insurance companies underwriting motor insurance providers in line with the Insurance Act of 2013 and international best practices.

Governor Milton Weeks said the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) will ensure the continued financial viability of insurers who underwrite motor insurance in terms of adequate capital, sufficient liquidity to timely settle claims and other liabilities, and will also strengthen corporate governance and ensure that licensed motor insurers comply with the Insurance Act of 2013 and its regulations, as well as other regional laws.

He said the exercise is part of the CBL’s continuous reformation of the sector, adding, “we are also designing further reforms” for the benefit of the Liberian people.”

The Ministry of Transport (MoT), represented by Deputy Minister of Administration/Insurance, Bushuben Keita, said the MoT will enforce Title 38, Chapter 4, which is compulsory motor liability insurance on all vehicles in the country.

He said every vehicle owner will have a liability insurance policy and it will be required by the ministry before a vehicle is licensed. He said the ministry will designate an independent entity to print insurance stickers, along with its distribution to vehicle owners. Keita commended the Central Bank, the LNP and AIL for their collaboration and assured them of MoT’s support.

The Liberia National Police (LNP), represented by Inspector General Gregory Coleman, will design strategies to enforce the TPL that will include the frequency of enforcements and collaborating with the MoT to carry out the enforcement of the TPL. He assured the parties of the LNP’s willingness to collaborate with them, and said a new group of officers will handle the exercise.

The Association of Insurers of Liberia (AIL), represented by H. Momo Fortune, General Manager and CEO of Mutual Benefits Assurance Company, will collaborate with the Ministry of Transport and the Liberia National Police to enforce the TPL in terms of compensation, the frequency of enforcements, and the production and issuance of stickers for vehicles.


  1. Liberia is too old to even boast about compulsory insurance at this time. I hope the authorities responsible for this program will seriously implement it for all vehicles through out the length and breath of Liberia. We have heard this before and it has become a total failure. The police is one of the failure of compulsory insurance in Liberia because they take five dollars from drivers and let go of them which is completely wrong. This insurance program should not be a money making scheme for officers to take money from motorist and let them go without insurance. Let government impound all vehicles that will be in violation of the compulsory insurance program. IG Coleman, this is a challenge for your administration to make sure that all cars are properly insured. Get your police tow trucks ready, get your impounding lot ready and be ready to send drivers to court who will refuse to carry an insurance card in their vehicles.

  2. insurance will now over charge these people who are driving cars that cost under one thousand dollars. make it affordable for these people driving majority very old cars.

  3. Indeed! very remarkable. We’ve finally come to this point. Waste no time further. No Motor Vehicle on Liberia’s roadways; should be without LIABILITY INSURANCE. Too many lives have been taken recklessly; for nothing. A Country, that boasts of been Africa’s Oldest Independent Country; with no mandatory motor vehicle insurance? That’s a shame. A very big SHAME!

  4. An anonymous philosopher once said, “The executive of the future will be rated by his ability to anticipate his problems rather than to meet them as they come.” Where are the visionary executives in Liberia who can anticipate potential problems and have the guts to implement precautionary measures in advance to reduce the numerous traffic accidents occurring throughout Liberia?

    It is one thing to execute insurance laws to remedy as compensation for the loss of life and property damage; but what are the preventive measures being put in place in Liberia to reduce the number of accidents? Instead of lawmakers worrying about the next election, they need to implement policies to minimize the number of traffic deaths that have risen exponentially in Liberia.

    Lawmakers need to establish a separate Agency (like FDA) called the Bureau of Driver Services that will be responsible for: Issuing Drivers’ Licenses, Fees, Printing driver manuals in English and local Liberian vernacular, Driving Test (for bikes, CDL, and small vehicles), Leaners’ Permit, Alcohol and Drug Awareness Programs, training on violation and suspension, and encourage private driving training schools. These are visionary measures to minimize traffic deaths. Insurance Compensation alone is no substitute for the sanctity of human lives.

  5. Another crap. Do you know how many times this useless govt has tried to implement this insurance bull? Last time, ins companies went from 3 to nearly 20 in 7 days. Every govt official own share in one of dem. Another raw f#$%@ of the ppl.nothing serious. Police chopping open.


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