Compelling, Demanding Need for HR Professionals in Liberia

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An organization calling itself the Association of Liberian Human Resource Professionals (ALHRP), which launched over the weekend, is on a mission to demonstrate what it calls a “compelling and demanding need” for their kind in public and private organizations across Liberia. Established well over two years ago by a number of young and influential Liberians, mostly from the private sector, the association is introducing itself first and foremost as a network of HR professionals through which the human resource needs public and private entities could be addressed.

HR supports management by insuraing tha tits most valuable assets — its human resource — is managed and utilized properly. By properly advising management and implementing effective employee relations programs, advising on numerous labor regulations, HR helps management avoid potential expensive lawsuits.

“There is a compelling and demanding need for Human Resources Professionals in Liberia in both Public and Private Organizations that want to maintain excellence,” said Jonah Kortee, president of ALHRP. “The ALHRP will be engaged in providing services that include workforce training, performance management systems, labor relations, retirement plan, decent wage, work force planning, and any other issues relating to Human Resource.

“Our aim is to create an interactive platform for all HR professionals in Liberia to have the opportunity of networking, support and boost our national government’s efforts through the Civil Service Agency, Ministry of Labor, Liberia’s Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) and other private and public intuitions,” he said.

Over the next year, the association will focus on capacity building and manpower development. “Our focus is to first improve the quality and standard of our members,” Kortee said. “We will also be working with the Liberia Institute of Public Administration, LIPA, Universities, Colleges, Vocational and Professional Institutions across the Country in order to introduce Human Resources Management as a Professional career course.”

As a professional association, ALHRP has obtained membership to the African Human Resources Confederation (AHRC), World People Management Association (WPMA), and is currently finalizing arrangements to partner with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) in administering HR and other training certifications in Liberia.

Speaking on behalf of the Vice President of Liberia, Mr. Joseph N. Boakai, Mr. Varney Slekon encouraged ALHRP, saying that it “should be a significant partner to the Government, and form a strong partnership with the the Government of Liberia’s own HR machine, the Civil Service Agency. They are expected to take on a major responsibility in driving the growth and development of the Liberian workforce.”

Slekon, who is also the HR manager for the Vice President’s office, said “No country or organization can build a good team of working professionals without good human resources,” he said. He then challenged executives of the association to develop programs that will promote standardized human resource practices, centers for accreditation of HR professionals and provide training and scholarship opportunities for members.
Swearing in ALHRP’s executive team and serving as keynote speaker at the occasion, Mr. J. Levi Demmah, Deputy Minister of Labor for Human Resource and Development, disclosed that the Ministry is working in close consultation with the Ministry of Education to establish a career path in school were students will learn about career options upon graduation from high school.

“The reason we are facing problem in this country is because most companies, when they arrive, they need expertise in certain jobs and when we check our database we cannot see Liberians qualifying.

The ALHRP induction took place on Saturday evening, June 20, at the Monrovia City Hall. The Association has established a website to help disseminate workforce information, provide support to public and private sectors HR professionals, and members.

Those elected include Jonah S. Kotee, President & Secretary to the Board; Brenda Brewer Moore, VP, Membership; Klade Neufville, VP, Professional Development; Fobay Dorbor, VP, Programming; Frederick Wollor, VP, Finance and Administration; Harold S. Golafale, VP, Communication; Tamia Harris, VP, Marketing; and Alfred Tamba V, Volunteer Engagement.


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