Companies Mobilize to Fight Ebola



Leading global corporate and commercial firms and concessionaires in Liberia and the West African sub-region, particularly the Mano River Union (MRU) region, have grouped themselves together to better coordinate their resources and efforts to eliminate Ebola in the region.

 The 30-member group of companies, under the banner,  The Ebola Private Sector Mobilization Group (EPSMG), was recently formed with the intent to support the government of Liberia (GOL) and the public during this time of crisis.

The group recognizes that Ebola is a horrible disease and as such, they are concerned with the public health and the affects and ramifications of its further spread disease.    

“Our companies have made long-term commitments to stay in Liberia and support the government’s effort to eradicate this disease, and we pledge to continue to support the people and communities in our areas. We intend to honor our commitments,” said EPSMG in a statement issued last week.

According to the group, containing the disease and assuring recovery from its impact will require an historic deployment of resources on unprecedented scale.

 Formed in early August, 2014, EPSMG has declared that it has developed, and will continue to maintain strong ties to hundreds of local communities that depend on its operations and the economic stability provided by employing Liberians.

 “Despite the challenging environment, we are continuing where possible with normal operations, with the health and safety of our employees being the absolute priority at all times. As a group, we are in regular dialogue with each other, the government, NGOs, the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), U.S. forces in Liberia and other organizations involved to support and amplify the effort.

We will work toward a strong, healthy and Ebola-free Liberia,” they said in a statement signed by all 30 companies.

The EPSMG’s platform includes remaining in the region and being a part of the nation’s long-term economic and social recovery and development; ensuring that  employees, families and communities are aware of the disease and are taking the best precautions to avoid infection and stigma; sharing experiences and resources, including trained personnel and practices, to assist governments and partners to mobilize quickly to control the spread of the disease and offering loan or gift-appropriate assets and resources essential to the deployment of an integrated response by donors, militaries, host governments, NGOs and community-based organizations.

Their platform also includes making available information about needs of various organizations and first responders, so that they may be connected with corporate giving; committing to learning from this outbreak and working together to support a strong healthcare system in the affected counties; raising international awareness and advocating for a larger global coordinated effort to combat Ebola and advocating for open trade and humanitarian corridors by air, land and sea.

Member companies of the EPSMG are: African Mining Servics, Alcoa, ArcelorMittal, Aureus Mining, BHP Billiton, Chevron, Dawnus, Diago, Equatorial Palm Oil , Firestone, Golden Veroleum, Heineken, Hummingbird Resources, IAMGOLD Corporation, International Finance Corporation, Kinkross, KRL International, London Mining, MonuRent, Newcrest Mining, Newmont, Pricewater-House Coopers, Putu Iron Ore, Rangold, Rio Pinto, Semato, Shell, Tawana Resources, Teranga Gold and Western Cluster.


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