Chinese Businessman Admits to Tax Evasion


A Chinese businessman, Shun Feng, has admitted to defrauding the government by not declaring all goods he recently brought into the country via the Freeport of Monrovia.

In late April, Shun Feng was arrested by authorities at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) for not declaring some of the goods he imported from China into the country.

He was turned over to the West Point Magisterial Court for prosecution where he admitted to commission of the crime.

In his confession as recorded in the court record, shows that Shun was fined L$200,000, and made to pay the evaded tax of US$5,842.41. He has since paid the amounts into government’s coffer.

Court record quoted prosecution represented by Atty. Mark Duncan as saying that it saw it in good faith, and because this is the first time for the man to commit the crime, prosecution team suspended the jail tenure for him (Shun).

According to section 90 of the amended Liberian Revenue code, such a crime requires the fine of L$200,000 and a jail sentence of five years.

The prosecution, however, forgave the convict with a caveat that a repeat of this act will lead the LRA with no alternative, but to enforce the suspended five-year jail sentence.

Defendant represented by Atty. Molley Gray, Jr., conceded with prosecution under the law for Shun to pay the fines and tax of US$5,842.41 as a way of amicably resolving the case.

The court in its ruling also urged all parties, both prosecution and defendants, to operate within confines of the law in order for them to live in harmony with one another.

On April 22, 2015, Shun Feng was arrested by the LRA for not declaring 837 quantities of goods including powder soaps, slippers and artificial hair for women.

It is not clear how Mr. Shun got the goods out of the Freeport.  However, LRA Communications Consultant Trokon Tarr, had said earlier that Mr. Shun may have connived with some “foul players” to defraud government of its genuine taxes.


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