‘Cestos Market Becomes Death Trap’


The Acting Superintendent of Cestos Market in Rivercess County has described the deplorable condition of their market hall as a death trap.

Madam Cecelia Kebbeh made the statement recently during an exclusive interview with the Daily observer in Cestos City, the capital of Riverces County.

Madam Kebbeh said if the market hall is not quickly renovated it may collapse and kill any of the marketers at any time.

Madam Kebbeh mentioned that the building, which was constructed in the 1980s by the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe when he was chairman of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC), is breaking apart due to lack of rehabilitation since its construction.

She disclosed that the roof and ceiling of the building are in poor condition and need to be changed.

She pointed out that the building is also not able to accommodate the influx of marketers which is responsible for street selling in the city.

She said street sellers do not pay for tickets to help maintain the market.

She explained that even though they have hand pumps for safe drinking water, they lack latrines which causes them to use the beach to ease themselves.

The marketers recently appointed Madam Kebbeh as Acting General Superintendent to replace the former General Superintendent Louis Blodyupto who has allegedly abandoned the position for years and now resides in Monrovia.

The marketers alleged that before leaving for Monrovia Madam Blodyupto locked the office and the keys are still in her possession, thus depriving the Acting Officers access to the office, a claim that the Daily Observer could not confirm from Madam Blodyupto, because she could not be located. When her husband was contacted he refused to comment.

One of the marketers, Madam Janet Saywrag who responded on behalf of her fellow marketers, lamented that they are unhappy in that street sellers continue to decrease their daily income because according to her they (street sellers) stop buyers from buying from them in the building for which they pay for tickets.


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