Cellcom Launches ‘Smile Mobile Money’ Service


With a long history of offering innovative products and services to Liberian consumers, Cellcom Telecommunications, Inc. last Friday launched its mobile money platform called “Smile Cellcom Money” at a local resort in Monrovia.

Releasing the new product to the public, Cellcom’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Avishai Marziano said that Smile Cellcom Money has been created in Liberia and took into the account the needs of Liberian consumers.

He outlined Cellcom’s vision to build a mobile money platform that could positively transform the entire economy.

Marziano said, “We know that when the population has access to a formal financial system, economic activities will thrive greatly and the overall economy of Liberia will grow.”

CEO Marziano outlined that Smile Cellcom money was built on a platform of ease. “Smile Cellcom Mobile Money will benefit everyone irrespective of the network that the mobile money recipient is connected to,” he explained. “With Smile Cellcom Mobile Money, our customers will be able to easily transfer and receive money, pay bills or top-up Cellcom airtime for themselves or for other Cellcom subscribers. Every transaction can be done fast and smoothly, directly using a mobile phone.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cellcom Mr. Avi Zaidenberg observed that the release of Smile Cellcom Money had come at a crucial point in the Liberian development process.

“At this moment, there is a focus on decentralization of financial systems, but the capacity to do this has been limited. With Smile Cellcom Money, Liberia is now in a better position for government and organizations to pay salaries easily in the most remote areas, for people to send money to family members across the country, and for business people to have access to money readily without having to carry large amounts of cash which is a risk,” he stated.

Cellcom’s Vice President for Regulatory and Government Affairs Mr. William Saamoi assured the public that Cellcom’s mobile money services is built on a reliable platform that would not have issues such as customers paying bills and not being able to receive instant credit.

“I’m impressed by the technology because we’ve put a lot of time to ensure that our customers can do so much, including buying credits, paying bills or getting access to cash on the go without worrying about system failures,” Mr. Saamoi said. “We have built something that is unique and different.”

Cellcom’s head of Mobile Money Sales division, Ms. Christine Taylor, explained that the advantages of the new services were numerous, including being able to give subscribers the ability to make transactions in both United States and Liberian dollars, transfer money to both Cellcom and non-

Cellcom subscribers on other GSM networks, as well as the ability to receive Smile Money at Cellcom points of sale and any banking institution in Liberia.

The new service is already available to consumers and hundreds of subscribers have already begun to register.

Among government officials present at the unveiling ceremony were Representative Nemene Bartekwa, Senator Nyomblee K. Lawrence, House and Senate Chairs on Telecommunications, respectively who assured Cellcom of government’s support to bring relief to Liberians in the leeward counties, particularly teachers and health care workers.


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