Cellcom Extends 4G Service to Nimba and Bong


Cellcom GSM, one of Liberia’s leading telecommunication service providers, has extended its 4th Generation (4G) service to Gbarnga, Bong County, and Ganta, Saniquellie, and Yekepa, all in Nimba County.

During the program marking the announcement that their service has been extended to that part of Liberia, Nimba District #9 Representative R. Matinokay Tingban called on the company to extend its services to his district headquarters of Zekepa.

Commending Cellcom for their extension to rural Liberia, Representative Tingban that people of his district are out of communications and those citizens from there who reside in Monrovia and other places cannot easily connect to their people.

“Cellcom is truly living according to its slogan as demonstrated by the extension of its 4G network to rural Liberia.  Making political statements is not enough, it is rather the manifestation of what is said that is important, and Cellcom’s activity, as we can now see, is a true representation of their promise,” he declared.

Representative Tingban recalled that the intervention of Cellcom into the telecommunications business broke the monopoly enjoyed by one of the companies also in the business. “Cellcom also make communications and mobile phone very cheap,” he said of Cellcom.

The Representative furthered that with the level of development Cellcom has made in the communications industry, it is truly number 1 as its slogan states, and said he would serve as an agent to propagate messages relating to promotion of the company.

Also speaking at the program held at a local hotel, was Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor. Sen. Taylor, who also reiterated that services provided by Cellcom were worth recognition, lauded the GSM company for the rural extension venture and their support to football clubs in Liberia. She also called on the management of Cellcom to extend their activities to the education sector, which she said is most significant to the wellbeing of youths in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cellcom, John Vasikaran, reiterated that his company is living up to its promise of making communications affordable to all Liberians.

He said Cellcom came with the intent of providing communication services to all Liberians and to make it affordable, and on the basis of that it has covered larger portion of Liberia today.

He assured all present that as they have begun extending 4G to rural parts of Liberia with Margibi, Sinoe, Bong, and Nimba Counties covered; they would be sure to reach every rural area to make every Liberian feels the impact of Cellcom’s services.

He noted that since the launch of 4G to Sinoe and Margibi, it has attracted huge numbers of customers with high demands for purchasing phones that take the 4G SIM.

During the demonstration process, Senator Taylor was able to communicate with people in Gbarnga, Rep. Tingban to Nimba Superintendent Christiana Dagadou, and CEO Vasikaran to people in Sanniquellie and Yekepa in Nimba. All of those communicating were able to see the other person live.


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