CBL Says Farewell to Outgoing Deputy Governor


The Governor, members of the Board of Governors and employees of the Central Bank of Liberia have lauded the outgoing Deputy Governor for Economic Policy and incoming Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Boima S. Kamara, for 14 years of service to the bank and people of Liberia.

At the appreciation program held on Friday, employees and Governors of the bank, including Charles Sirleaf and David M. Farhat, described Kamara as irreplaceable for his intellectual capacity and commitment to the people of Liberia and the Bank at large.

Mr. Kamara’s farewell program was attended by Charles E. Sirleaf, Deputy Governor for Operations; Governor David M. Farhat, a senior member of the CBL Board; Julia Duncan Cassell, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection; Elfrieda S. Tamba, Commissioner of Liberia Revenue Authority; and family members, among others.

Presenting a plaque to outgoing Deputy Governor for Economic Policy, Boima S. Kamara, Governor Sirleaf maintained that Mr. Kamara deserves to take the position as Liberia’s Finance Minister considering his intellectual capacity and commitment to duty, which has been demonstrated over the years.

“We will continue to collaborate to address the problems facing Liberia’s economy. We will miss you for your enthusiasm for 14 years to the people. I am very proud to present this plaque to you on behalf of the staff and CBL,” Governor Sirleaf said.

Governor Sirleaf added that the CBL will miss Mr. Kamara whenever thinking about what to do in the development of the bank, adding “The CBL has greatly benefited from your intellect and commitment, which clearly demonstrates that your preferment is never a mistake.”

In special remarks, CBL Executive Governor Weeks said with the nice words proffered on Mr. Kamara by staff of the Bank reaffirm that President Sirleaf has made a good decision in appointing him to head Liberia’s Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

Governor Weeks said having the opportunity to work with Mr. Kamara over the last 16 months as a Board Member was a privilege, and anticipates collaborative efforts as he heads the Ministry of Finance.

“I want to personally applaud Boima for his achievement and look forward to having a cohesive working relationship. With Boima’s intellects and experience, we will continue to work together for the success of Liberia. Wishing you farewell today, there will be a vacuum especially for your department, but hope your knowledge imparted into so many of the employees will be helpful,” Governor Weeks maintained.

Mathias Cooper, president of Central Bank Staff Association (CEBSA) said in a statement of appreciation, that Mr. Kamara remains an outstanding character, and deserves the position as Liberia’s Minister of Finance.

“We are very grateful to have worked with such an intellectual, a true mentor, outstanding role model, that even saying good bye becomes difficult for us. We want to say that CBL workers will certainly miss you in your new assignment. You have set the pace and made the difference, and nothing will diminish the important role you played in our lives,” Mr. Cooper added.

Also speaking, Boima S. Kamara said he remains certainly grateful to God for this day and opportunity to be of service to the nation, Liberia.

Mr. Kamara lauded President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the preferment given to him to serve in the capacity as Deputy Governor for Economic Policy, and now as Liberia’s Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

He stressed that the CBL has been blessed because it has given opportunities to its staff by training them in various scopes of work, adding that “Today we are part of that example; and this is why it has been memorable years of working together.”

Expatiating on other reasonable issues realized by the CBL, Mr. Kamara said “Were we in the context of advancing inclusive finance, microfinance, research department, real sector issues, inflation, price statistic, along those lines, what’s happening in the fiscal affairs unit, price unit, in the context of government expenditure, revenue, it is just to say along these years, the CBL has played a pivotal role in ensuring microeconomic stability.”

He said ranging as far back as 2006 and coming up to 2013, Liberia experienced stable exchange rates, low inflation, and such initiatives would be attributed to the culminated efforts of all the staff at the bank.

Minister Kamara pledged his ministry’s commitment in working with the Central Bank of Liberia and Liberia Revenue Authority to ensure development of both sectors, adding that tasks ahead required joint effort by all sectors.


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