CBL Intensifies Withdrawal of Mutilated Banknotes Today


The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) will, starting today, July 10, resume its program of assigning teams to major markets in and around Monrovia for the direct exchange of mutilated banknotes in continuation of its ongoing program to withdraw mutilated Liberian dollar banknotes from the local market.

The CBL currently has two dedicated teller windows at its head office to facilitate the process, and said it will continue its collaboration with the Liberian Marketing Association to embark on a direct exchange of mutilated notes for clean notes in seven market places, including Central Red Light; Red Light Goba Chop; Duala; Waterside; Rally Time; Old Road and ELWA markets.

The CBL is therefore urging all marketers and the public at large to bring all mutilated banknotes for exchange to these market sites, regional payment centers or the CBL head office.


  1. Muted American notes in Liberian markets will also prevent smooth U.S. – LIB trade. Send the US dollars back as soon as possible, if you need notes to trade. Forget about obsession with these notes, the profit in the market will flow as long as you have clean numbers.
    Reading my numbers in silence. Tell the voters. not me.

  2. Great! Nice idea because some of the notes are not only mutilated or tear, tear but outright unclean- I don’t want to use the “D” word. Gov. Weeks, please try to bring small change too – I mean to mint coins. We had coins in the Liberian economy before. There were pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty cents and dollar coins. By the way, I love the new $100 LD notes. Thanks.


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