CBL, Bankers’ Association Hail Outgoing Access Bank Director


The outgoing managing director of Access Bank Liberia, Oliver Hesch, has received praise from his colleagues for his meaningful contribution to the Liberian banking sector. During a colorful program in his honor, colleagues cited his involvement as exemplary of the community of bankers Liberia needs.

The Deputy Governor for Economic Policy at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Boimah Kamara, lauded Mr. Hesch for his support to the banking sector of Liberia, especially his commitment in providing loans across the country to enable institutions and individuals to build their financial capacities.

“You have done well because of the atmosphere you created for us within the banking sector and you will be remembered also for the level of support to Liberia’s economy during your tenure as CEO and Managing Director of the bank,” Mr. Kamara noted.

He also praised the Liberia Bankers’ Association for working together as one community, especially around the table in engineering a vibrant banking society, which continues to contribute meaningfully to all sectors of the economy.

“We have committed ourselves with all indications in ensuring that this modern environment of banking is maintained and hope there will be more outcomes while we work together as one family,” Deputy Governor Kamara stated.
Speaking, the President of Liberia Bankers’ Association and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), John B. S. Davies, hailed the outgoing managing director for making the banking sector an asset for the society.

“Whenever we had challenges within the banking sector, Mr. Hesch was always willing to provide his expertise in addressing the situation in the most unique manner,” Mr. Davies explained. “In the case of engendering forward in an engagement with the CBL or stakeholders across the business sector, and the Commerce Ministry, he provided the way for us.”

Mr. Davies said Mr. Hesch was the longest serving managing director in the Bankers’ Association, for a little over four years and hoped his successor will be a replica of him in maintaining every undertaking by the Liberia Bankers’ Association.

The LBDI boss noted that it is important for an individual to leave an institution with such a great honor as for which Mr. Hesch contributions will be remembered.

In special remarks, Mr. Hesch expressed sincere gratitude to all the members of the Liberia Bankers’ Association for their cordial working relationship over the years.

Mr. Hesch noted that there are many positive things happening in Liberia, encouraging everybody to engage in doing something, which supports all the initiatives that help in creating an industrial banking society.

He noted that, “Many people are motivated to engage in doing good work, which creates the best environment all bankers will endeavor to see in every society.

“This country can achieve great things when Liberians believe in themselves and I know that they will continue to do.”

The program brought together various chief executive officers and managing directors, including Mrs. Chioma Mang, vice president of Liberia Bankers’ Association and managing director officer of United Bank of Africa (UBA-Liberia), Mr. Dan Origun, Chief Executive Officer of Guaranty Trust Bank-Liberia, among others.

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