Businesswoman Urges Liberians to be Positive


Ma Fatu, as she prefers to be called, is a local business woman in the Rally Town Market. She is calling on her fellow Liberians to be more positive in whatever they do to earn their living.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer business desk yesterday on UN Drive in Monrovia, she said it is now time that all Liberians be focused, determined and more positive if they are to be successful in life and become custodians of their economy.

According to her, if Liberians are more focused and determined they could make greater contributions towards the country's transformation plan following the huge damage caused by the Ebola virus in the country.

Ma Fatu pointed out that despite many challenges confronting other Liberians, she holds the conviction that they can still enhance the transformation of their lives only if they are more positive and not passive about what they may be engaged with in order to sustain themselves and their families.

She also observes that the economic sector of the country cannot be totally transformed without the effortsof the citizens which she says requires the togetherness of every Liberian.

Fatu, who also sells rice in the Rally Town Market noted that the 25 percent business privilege that was given to Liberian businesses by the government was intended to stimulate competition among Liberian businesses, and as such, she is calling on business people in the country to ensure they exhibit the highest level of transparency, accountability and prompt service to their customers.

The rice dealer said the privilege will also serve as an opportunity for all Liberian business entities to help to achieve their empowerment, something she said her business is working hard to do.

Regarding the issue of empowerment, the Liberian businesswoman said her entity, Success Business Center, is working hard to provide loans or give people bags of rice as sell-pay as a means of buttressing government's efforts in reducing poverty in the country.


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