Businessman Rehabilitates Swamp Road, But…




The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and General Manager of the Mayoubah & Sons Business Center on Somaila Drive, Mr. Amadu Sheriff, has begun rehabilitating the stretch of swampy road linking the Blackie Island Community to Iron Factory in Gardnerville, Monrovia.

The community has over 150 inhabitants that suffer difficulties getting to their respective homes due to the deplorable state of the road network in the area.

Addressing journalists yesterday at the road construction site, Mr. Amadu Sheriff said the reason he expressed interest in the rehabilitation of the road was, “because I have a plan to establish a sub-station of my business here, which would enable the residents to get easy access to my goods.”

According to him, his first engagement with members of the community to reach their lawmaker (Rep. Saah Joseph) yielded no immediate response.

 In spite of the delay in getting to Rep. Joseph, he was initially optimistic that the construction work would continue and end as scheduled.

“Things began to slow down, and eventually stopped. It was from this point that the citizens authorized me to carry on the development,” Mr. Sharif explained. 

Montserrado County Electoral District #13 Representative Saah Joseph first initiated the project a few years ago. Since that time, nothing much has been done to remedy the situation as the rainy reason has remained the worst time for the residents.

 “I thought it wise to do this for my people, and also for myself because I want to bring a branch of my business to this area,” Mr. Sheriff indicated.

Currently, residents who are claiming ownership to the island have instituted legal action against him for what they termed as, “destroying their land.”

“I do not have any hidden political agenda for this work I am carrying on. It is simply because of the business I am trying to establish here. This is why I am creating this relationship with the inhabitants of the community,” he explained.

He, however, welcomed the decision taken by his opponents to the road project by seeking redress from the court.

When contacted the chairman of the community, Otis K. Pantoe, acknowledged efforts being initiated by businessman Sheriff to meet the development needs of the residents regarding the construction of the road.

 Mr. Pantoe also encouraged him (Sheriff) not to be deterred by the legal action, but to carry on the work as they (residents) were there to support him. Mr. Sheriff is said to have spent several thousand dollars on the project.


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