‘Businesses Need Loans to Grow’

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A businesswoman at the Rally Time Market on UN Drive, Monrovia, Ms. Keibbeh Kpadeh, has emphasized the need for small businesses across the country to be empowered by loans if they are to grow and fulfill expectations.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday at the Rally Time Market, Ms. Kpadeh said since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease, (EVD) they have been experiencing difficulties.

She explained, “I want to give God the glory for my life but things are very hard for us than before.

“We are not making any good profits and still we have to manage to provide food for our families.”

Ms. Kpadeh, 29, said she has spent over six years in her trade, selling red and argo oil, chicken soup (Maggie Cubes), onions, salt, plastic bags, peppers and seasonings.

“My four children have to survive by this business and so I put all my time into it. We want the Liberian government and its partners to allocate loans or a form of financial support in order to support our market businesses, that way we can grow and make profit,” Madam Keibbeh said.

She emphasized that if loans are provided for their market business, people, especially those at the various markets, will gain from their losses as a result of Ebola.

“Some of us were not making any profit at some point in time and we have to start using the business money for food because of the children.

“If people were buying like before the outbreak, some of us will get our money back,” she indicated.

Also speaking, Jenneh Siaffa, 27, said, “Business is not going well since the Ebola outbreak in the country but we have to continue to make sure that we make money to support the family.”

“I have three children, they need food everyday and things are not really working like before. My husband works as security officer with nothing much from him,” she said.

She also appealed to the Liberian government and non-governmental organizations to provide some empowerment to help them grow their market businesses.


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